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Posted December 29, 2015 from Nigeria
Vision (1/1)

My personal dreams for myself is to have the opportunity, sponsorship and partnership to travel monthly to emerging/developed countries in Africa (54 countries) and beyond to make positive impact(Travel2Impact) training and mentoring people (women, youth and girls) in Economic Development, Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development and social/digital media.

My community and Africa dreams are to see my people as a force to be reckoned with in terms of Human Capacity Development & Economically Developed through Leadership and Entrepreneurship. It will help to unleash women and youth untapped potentials skills, and the power to send girls to school for education.

I have so many skills that make me who I am, but all these skills have being put into being an expert in Global Business Adviser & Ideas Strategist | Facilitator | Women & Youth Advocate.

My country has so many unique places that give me inspiration such as Beaches at Lekki, Whispering Palms, Eko Hotel, Freedom Park, and Oriental Hotel. I grew up all my life in Lagos, Nigeria; I really understand the people, environment and ways of doing things, so I feel very safe in Lagos, Nigeria despite its active and fast lifestyles. I also feel safe in the following states in my country (Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Oyo, and Ogun).

My mom use to be my adviser and confidant in everything I do in life until recently when she passed on to be with God. I go to her because she was the only one I knew, grew-up with and trust with my life. People I now have are very few close friends who are my mentors and adviser in business and personal life. I go to this group of friends because they know me well and understand my background and my future. They offer professional and strategic advice, critic me when necessary and open doors of opportunity for me. Those advices and mentoring has helped to fuel my passion for women and girls empowerment in my community and they are resources I will always be incorporating in work or bring along to help me succeed.

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Jan 06, 2016
Jan 06, 2016

this is very impressive Topsie. Thank you for sharing. I have learnt a lot

Jan 19, 2016
Jan 19, 2016

Thank you Ikirimat, my VVLead sister.