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Apply for African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program (#ACiFellowship) Cohort 5, 2022 Now.

Posted October 19, 2021 from Nigeria
Expired on November 29, 2021

Apply for African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program (#ACiFellowship) Cohort 5, 2022 Now.

African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program (#ACiFellowship) selects impressive African visionaries, changemakers, game-changers, impact-makers, agent of change, movers and shakers of enterprise and innovation between the ages of 25-40 years to train, upskills and empower them with globally accepted trainings that cut across all industry sectors. These allows fellows impact their business, career and community positively across Africa, the diaspora and the global world.

We use digital online/virtual connectivity as e-learning tools and as in-person (physical) training to deliver our educational and capacity development across the 54 African countries in Civic Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Project Management, Techpreneur, Social Enterprise, Mentorship, SDG, African Union 2063 Agenda, African Union Youth Policy, AFcFTA, and much more.

These committed changemakers have what it takes to transform businesses, careers, tech space and social issues– we only make it more possible here.

African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program continues to develop African future leadership and entrepreneurial skills through training, mentorship, collaboration and a connected ecosystem of changemakers.

African ChangeMakers Fellowship is through a selection of application process; selected applicants are enrolled in an intensive four weeks’ digital online connectivity course as e-learning to share, connect, collaborate and learn everything on developing their skills to start, launch and grow enterprise or innovation.

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