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Tosin Victoria APIRIOLA
Posted September 30, 2015 from Nigeria

My name is Tosin Apiriola. Recently got married and now Tosin Apiriola Ajayi. I joined the World Pulse Online community via recommendation from a dear friend and sister Olnakie, the ‘Green Girl’. I am deeply motivated to be a part of this laudable effort. As a youth that have been actively involved in developmental work for more than 8 years and having being involved, also, in various activities of of development champions at the Local/ National and International levels, I believe there is a need for African women and youth to be empowered and have a common voice in the political, socio, economic, environmental and other issues of the region in order to have a peaceful and sustainable future. Participating at this unique event will afford me the opportunity to network with peer and like minds. It will also give me the platform to share experiences I have come across in the course of my grassroots work as an initiator of a Women and Youth NGO. It will give me the rare opportunity to learn and garner knowledge from great minds and dedicated passionate women leadership champions and advocates making a difference even in their on community to contribute to global goal. There is no gainsaying that most African countries lack good governance, peace, proper orientation and are conflict prone, which has become cancerous over time. I am eager to learn the practical ways in which one can use the online platform to advocate and engage on leadership issues while ensuring women empowerment and sustainability. I am deeply interested in the objectives of what the group will cover. I have been able to identify some barriers in my country but I wish to learn how I can have in-depth understanding on channeling mechanisms and how to effectively put forward (and help peers alike), own suggestions, based on continued analysis, for understanding and countering marginalization, actively engaging women and youth in championing the cause of women and leadership at the local levels and ensuring women amplifies their voices via embracing the social media platforms especially the World Pulse while enhancing efforts as agent of Positive change as relating to fighting corruption, ensuring participation space for women and romoting public accountability on women issues in Nigeria and Africa. As a young woman and an emerging leader, I am optimistic that it will be of great value to learn the above key issues from the group as, such is not readily available in our society today. I am highly motivated and interested to be a part of the Group because: 1. It will provide for me a platform to garner more knowledge and quality leadership skills. 2. It will give me the opportunity to be a part of continued sustainable development effort to reach the women and empower them on necessary leadership skills 3. Having been following the World Pulse and some other notable women led organizations that runs women focused programs and projects, participating at the group will afford me the opportunity to rub minds, share experience of my activities in the third sector. 4. Skills acquired will be applied to my NGO’s programming after the training. 5. For me, the opportunity to learn firsthand how women can be empowered to use their dynamism and innovative minds to promote leadership, integrity and public accountability will be great. 6. Participating at World Pulse online training programme and sharing the learning outcomes oafterwards, via engaging in peer mentoring and small group discussion to step down best practices and lessons learnt will be; achieving one my life’s objective to impact knowledge on peers for leadership and sustainable future. 7. As a Word Pulse-r, I will be involved in discussions concerning women, leadership and development of Nigeria cum Africa cum the world, thus improving the society for better psycho-social impacts.

One pressing issue I would like this group to consider is mentoring, do we have plans for leadership mentoring? I believe this will go a long way in women empowerment.

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Sarah Murali
Sep 30, 2015
Sep 30, 2015

Greetings Tosin, and welcome to the World Pulse community and leadership group! It sounds like you are bringing wonderful experience to our community. It is an amazing place to connect with other women leaders and supporters!

I love the question you raised about leadership mentoring. What a fantastic idea! I look forward to hearing the wisdom of the group on this topic. I am interested to know, what mentoring opportunities are group members already aware of (within or outside of World Pulse)? How can we develop or connect to mentoring opportunities here in our groups?

Thank you for joining and sharing your thoughts!

All the best,


Oct 02, 2015
Oct 02, 2015

Hello Tosin, 

It was a pleasure to read your essay and hear of all the steps you have already taken in your country to begin to help women, and all the ideas you have for the future.  Your NGO for Women and Youth sounds fantastic!  You are already putting into action steps to help women in Nigeria.  From what I have heard, I think "Green Girl" will be a great resource for you, in finding leadership mentoring help.  

You are clearly in the right place, World Pulse, to help realize all the goals you outlined.  Here will be the people to answer your questions, give you strength and be a community of support.  I am sure you will be sharing your wisdom with others as well.  You know what you want to do, and I am sure you will be able to achieve it!  Keep doing what you are doing and I look forward to hearing of your successes in the future.

Your sister,


Oct 06, 2015
Oct 06, 2015

Dear Tosin,

Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself and your work. From what I read, I can tell you are a strong-minded, passionate person, and I can already feel the energy and know-how you are bringing to World Pulse! How wonderful that you have decided to engage in this online training programme. I have no doubt that this will serve as a huge learning opportunity for you and that you will in turn have so much knowledge and experience to share with each of your sisters.

I think your idea about leadership mentoring is great! I'm sure so much good could come from having women from all different countries and sectors impart their wisdom on newer members. Do you have any suggestions as to how to go about creating something like that?

Hope to hear more from you soon. Keep up the excellent work!