Building young women ACTIONS on GPS- Governance, Peace and Security

Tosin Victoria APIRIOLA
Posted September 30, 2015 from Nigeria

BUILDING YOUNG WOMEN SKILLS ON LEARNING AND ACTIONS FOR GOVERNANCE, PEACE AND SECURITYFor some time now, I have been nursing an idea on how to engage young women in Governance, Peace and Security issues as they (we) are part of the vulnerable groups in times of disasters. I recently summoned courage to share the idea with someone and now it is no more an idea but a work in progressWhy the topic Building Yung Women skills on learning and action for Governance, Peace and Security? Women all over the world in their small spaces in communities have made efforts to bring change but often time lack skills in mobilizing and pushing forward, thank God for new innovations and platforms such as the World Pulse, things are now better. However, how much of our younger generations are women leaders across the globe engaging to take their effort further in to the future? My personal reflection on this led to my nursing the idea and now as it is a work in progress, together, with some likeminded individuals we have launched a project tagged the BYOWLA- GPS and have written out requests for support. The initiative will bring young women from across Nigeria to learn how they can be agent of positive change in their communities and they will have the opportunity to mentor others from skills garnered. These young women will join women advocates in their respective location and mobilize when the need arises.The believe that the grassroots women leaders acting together have the potential to transform our world is great and the time to come together is none other than now. Tilting on the World Pulse stanza which I read with much enthusiasm while finishing my reading of Module 3 of the Introduction to Digital Empowerment training: ‘ A world where a woman can transform her life, as well as the lives of those around her by simply raising her voice means speaking to your neighbor about the desired change and carrying those that support your vision along while mentoring and actively engaging those that will take it a step further, for me means: Grassroots Mobilizing of Women.I remember, sometimes last year, when I joined in the BringBackOurGirls Campaign protest in Abuja, Nigeria to support the cries of women in Nigeria on the plight of the over 200 abducted Chibok Girls in the northern part of Nigeria, the grassroots mobilization got support from global scene and it became a global issue. It is when we start something somewhere, that is when we can get support and our voices amplified for us by those that are in line with our thoughts.I look forward to working with a cohort of young women who are dedicated to mobilizing peers while working with women leaders to join in the crusade for women empowerment and better society for all in Nigeria! Just as my organisation’s Mission statement says: Women and Youth Development Initiative (WOYODEV) is committed to identify with the average Nigeria( nay global) women and , promote, enlighten and enhance all round comfort so as to bring smiles to their faces!Thanks to World Pulse, in these 3 weeks, I seems to have improved in putting my thoughts to action via writing and sharing with on social media platform

Grassroots Mobilizing

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Oct 08, 2015
Oct 08, 2015

Dear Toson Victoria,

So great that you are building this commitment and this focus to hep young women build their own skills to impac government, peace and security. There is much to do! I believe that your experiences with the Bring Back the Girls campaign in Nigeria will help guide you on how to sustain the energy that you want to maintain. As you say, there is need for sustained efforts - and focusing on one specific issue is a powerful and effective way to start. I admire your initiative and your plan to get women and girls together to talk about and make change. I hope you start with a specific cause that can provide you early success and let you build on this success.