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Hi Everyone, I'm Toyin and I'm 32 years old. I live in Ipswich with my partner of 13 years. I was born in Leicestershire, My Mother is English and my Father is Nigerian. I moved to Ipswich to study where I gained a Business Management degree, and I now work for the Civil Service. I would descibe myself as interesting, curious, funny, slightly odd and an all round decent person...I hope ...most of the time. I met my soulmate Jon when I moved to Ipswich and together we have stayed ! I find it difficult to tell others about myself as I feel that people only want to know about your acheivements and I don't really think I have that many!! I grew up as an only child, which I actually liked, although it had it disadvantages, I spent alot time with my Gran as I child, whilst my mum & dad were working & studying so for me my fondest memories are at my Gran's house helping her make the fire in the morning and getting my auntie's tea ready. I usually say that I wasted my 20's but it was more I was working in my 20's trying to get one step ahead. AT 32 years old, I feel that I'm stepping onto another stone of my life, it's not easy, but I'm hopeful. To be part of female community is new to me, I'll like to share more of my life as time passes and make new friends. Finding me

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Contentment and harmony