'Tannoura Maxi' Film Censured or Banned in Lebanon ?

Posted May 12, 2012 from Switzerland

Lebanon- Points of the church is currently working to stop the showing of the film "skirt Maxi", directed by Joe Bou Eid after inter criticism by some against the film, saying it affects the Christian religion, while political parties are pushing for it too and even incite, and is awaiting file is presented to Directorate of Public Security charge of this matter.

via newspaper Annahar Saturday 12 May 2012

Political parties and religious incite to stop the «maxi skirt»

Held director of «Maxi Skirt» Joe Bou Eid a press conference in the hotel «Le Royal» afternoon, to respond to the criticism that hit the film, which shows in most of the halls of Lebanon. The conference in conjunction with the movement of high-level views within the church to stop the screening of the film as it contains scenes deemed offensive to Christianity.

Sources said some political parties to induce the formation of these moves, as he waited to remove the file to the Directorate of General Security charge of this matter.

Official Trailer of the film :

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