Stop the massacres in Syria

Posted September 9, 2013 from Switzerland

Stop the massacres in Syria

Just like other countries in the Arab world, the Syrian people have decided not to remain silent anymore and to demand social justice and freedom. Since March 2011, Syrians took to the streets and defied fear and death. To this day, there are about fourteen thousand deaths, thousands of people whose bodies have disappeared and tens of thousands of political prisoners in the jails of the regimes that are victims of torture day and night. And what about the children, women and men deprived of food, care, water and electricity, or hundreds of thousands displaced in camps in Turkey, Jordan or Lebanon ... The list of horrors suffered by the Syrian people is long.

We refuse that Syria be considered a pawn on the chessboard of great powers whatsoever, and that the lives of Syrians be reduced to numbers in television news. The strategic position occupied by Syria in the Middle East stirs up all the desires. But despite this reality, the Syrian people's struggle for freedom remains no less legitimate. We therefore call on all organizations that are fighting for the freedom of people to clearly express their solidarity with the heroic struggle of the Syrian people to support their struggle for change, and reveal their states' attempts to derail the revolution.

We demand an immediate end to massacres. The diplomatic masquerades have lasted too long. We call on Russia to end its support for the criminal regime. We demand that all arms sales to the Syrian regime be prevented. We reject foreign military intervention whatsoever. We demand a complete cessation of diplomatic relations with Syria. We reject that Syria be divided. We also refuse that sectarianism be instrumentalized and exploited. The Syrian people are one people, on one land, and it wants to live free and in dignity.

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