How a sexist asshole exist around us

Posted July 24, 2016 from Nepal

How a sexist asshole exist around us!!

Ever had that feeling when a guy in front of you keeps bragging about his achievement despite the fact that they sound completely delusional but just won't shut up, you've discovered an asshole. No!! No!! He is not an asshole because of that. He has every right to brag about his achievements no matter how annoying it sounds to us. 'HE' is an asshole because he keeps inserting in his conversation the idea of oppressing the female race as if the superiority justly rhymes with a cock. He becomes a sexist asshole, when he intimidates a group of girls and thinks he has concurred the world. He keeps forgetting the fact that his size which he so proudly dangles to remind the world that it exists is not even 2% worth against a woman who has nothing in her name but a sound heart. He thinks he doesn't even have to try hard to dominate the female sex because it's so easy to fool them. No! no! he doesn't know the power of a femme fetal.

There is always a sexist around us. If you can't notice, you only need to hear. When Someone is told "you are pretty, you don't need to work hard like me" Bingo! A dialogue of a sexist.

When a man has a disagreement about some official matter with a female colleague, he comes blabbering after losing a fight, "she must have had a quarrel with her husband at home and she steamed her anger towards me" A true sexist right there.

When someone intentionally tries to belittle a female colleague by forwarding her one honest mistake to every head members of the organisation, the email that was only sent to the one recipient but forwarded to all. Only a true sexist asshole has the guts to do that.

He lingers around your workplace with a superficial crown around his dick, looking for opportunity to put down a poor victim. He thinks his work should be valued much more than any others since he works really hard, even after work hours and No! No woman should be as awarded because she won't work after hours overlooking the fact that she can't. Even if she does, it's still not enough because she's a woman and no woman should be ahead of him. So he creates a manipulative and political environment within the workplace. All his effort put towards lowering the chances of women going on top.

He is so into his fairy land, he manipulates people in charge to affect their decision and act in his favor. But that only makes him an asshole right? He is a sexist because his favor always ends with not favoring women.

Oh! you can't give him credit for being only that much of a sexist. You have got to be impressed by his behavior towards other men; other sincere men who encourage women to build up and move ahead. Men who encourage women are always despised by a sexist asshole.

He is so sexist, his exceptional sexism rings greatly in every man and woman's impression yet he is miserable that he can't find a woman to marry. Big surprise!! I wonder what charm he thinks he has left to allure a woman in such fashion. I might even suggest him to marry a man if he thinks women are too degrading, but no he makes fun of them too. Oh! He be the crowning king of a sexist and racist kingdom.

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Nov 19, 2016
Nov 19, 2016

Oh I thoroughly enjoyed this read !  You are so right my friend!  As someone who's constantly around sexist assholes, I know from firsthand experience what truly pisses them off and that's their own incompetence!  Only very very incompetent people take pride in things that they didn't get to decide but which happen to give them an air of superiority in life-whether it's race, gender, social status-only assholes will pat themselves on their back for things they literally had no control over.  That, in and of itself, is the real tragedy.