Posted August 10, 2019 from Kenya

You can help a child who has sexual behavior problems.

If you know a child and youth who demonstrates sexual behavior problems, you can help them to learn new healthy and safe behaviors. It's important for parents and other caregiving adults to act promptly to address a young person's sexual behaviors.  Treatment providers who specialize in children's sexual behaviors can help both the child and the family address and change at-risk behaviors, as well as design safety plans to help the family maintain a safe environment.

Children and youth engage in sexual problem behaviors for often very different reasons than adult offenders. Behaviors that are sexual and harmful in youth may be a result of other issues such as impulsivity, social skill deficits, family trauma, etc.  Qualified youth treatment provider can make assessments to help determine the nature of the behavior.  

Besides looking for specialists in children's sexual behaviors, it is important to look for youth treatment providers that are:

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Hello, Trufusa,

How are you doing?

Thanks for sharing your insight on how to treat children with sexual behavior problems. I agree that we need to know the root cause why they engage on such behaviors. It could be a coping mechanism of an unsafe environment or toxic caretakers to name a few.

This is a very important topic to discuss. Thanks for bring this up.

Jill Langhus
Aug 10
Aug 10

Hi Trufusa,

Thanks for sharing your post and for addressing this important topic that doesn't seem to get mentioned much. What would be considered "sexual behavior problems," and did you intend to add something more at the end of your post regarding youth treatment providers? And, is there much awareness around this topic in your country? I'm wondering how easy or difficult it is to find these providers if someone were to identify a youth that was in need of help.

Hope you're doing well, and having a great weekend!

Beth Lacey
Aug 11
Aug 11

Thanks for sharing

Aug 12
Aug 12

Hi dear,
That is a very valuable information you provided. Thanks for sharing.