Thanking You!!

Posted December 6, 2017 from Nepal
A Very Special Thank You.

It was almost four years back, after I graduated from my high school, I always wanted to write an article and publish it in one of the newspapers of my city. It was an article with title 'Thanking you' and that article would consists two major institute of my life that shaped me. I never got a chance to do so. Years later seeing World Pulse email on October had always whim me to write one. But do not know what kept me stopping. I saw the deadline extended but still something was stopping me. Then, finally today I decided to go for it. I would write it anytime in future if it was not today.

WARNING!! too long, Please bear it with me!

Now, all of you might have figured it out that I am going to thank two institutes but no no, it's not. This article will be thanking three majorly and many others. I would like to thank first to my school in which I spent 12 years of my life and to everyone in the school who were around me within school and out. Thank you teachers, friends, administrative staffs, electrician dai (brother), guards, canteen people, gardener dai, helper didis (sisters), driver dai, conductor dai and everyone else I missed out. For big or small in post you have helped me out in many ways.

I cannot forget those times when you have helped me to climb the bus, waited for me at bus-stop while I was late (most of times), opened up my lunch box which I could not, helped me cross road while going from one building to another, making me admire the round garden and stare at, while I was feeling extremely alone, helping me cope up with my very first period, teaching me basics of life and giving me quality education, letting me stay at convent and wait while my guardian came late to pick me upand more. I am thankful for your value education classes because it actually have added value in my life.

I am thankful for those prayer services because it constantly kept me connected with people and kindness, for making it mandatory to speak in English in school premises because it has made me more capable, for always inspiring to say 4 magical words "PLEASE, MAY I, SORRY and THANK YOU"; these words make things beautiful, for making us a disciplined social animal because all those small habits we were nagged at and scolded at have made us a kind, helpful, empathetic and moreover a beautiful creature, a little different to those from other schools.

Thank you for letting us enter inside church because that has added religious tolerance in me. There was a time I regretted studying here but hey! Not a single percent did I regret after graduating. In fact, I would have attained rest of my degree from this second family if you were to provide one. I love you that much. You have made abetter being out of a normal human me. THANK YOU ST. MARY'S HIGH SCHOOL.

Next, I am so so grateful for you my WOMEN LEAD NEPAL Family. You have made a different person out of who I was in just a year and years that followed by. It was with you that I could freely and without any fear sharemy sad story of sexual harassment. If it not had been that particular one day, the incident would have taunted me mentally for so many years more. Thank you so much for accepting me as a LEADer in 2013, general member since 2014, summer intern in 2015, board member in 2016, current YWPLI fellow and what may come in row next.

Thank you for all those events, trainings, sessions, activities that you allowed me and selected me to participate because it has made an outspoken person of an introvert, mass freak me. I can voice my opinion easily now and speak up instead of tolerating. I do not fear to accept my mistakes.I am more helpful person than what I was before. Thank you for giving me the power to believe in myself and making me realize my potentials.

Thank you for trusting me and my teamto lead a project by ourselves. Moreover, I amvery thankful for all those inspirational people and friends you have introduced in my life and many others too. It is such a cozy place to be every time. Not to forget, I cannot thank you enough and extend my gratitude towards you because you gave my life's first best-friend "my SUJATA" and groomed a lifelong and beyond friendship of "SATA" (SAniya+SujaTA). You helped me grab so many other opportunities and you still groom me through your various trainings. My leadership journey started all because of you and is taking heights because of your help to take the very first step.

Women LEADyou have made me realize my self identity and have helped me work towards making a strong one. Wherever, I take part and whichever places I go, I realize a major part of who I have become is shaped by you. You play a crucial role in my journey. You are that milestone who no one can and never can be dug off from my life. You cannot be separated off me because the present strong, bold, fierce, helpful, filled with "Never give up" attitude Saniya and Saniya who believes in herself is made out of you. You are like a potter who carefully and delicately moulds her pot to a wonderful piece. KUDOSto you for shaping my and hundreds of other lives there at Women LEAD. THANK YOU WOMEN LEAD NEPAL, THANK YOU so much. THANK YOU; once is never enough.

Now, this one goes to the one without whom I would not have existed. There is so much to thank you but my thank yous is never going to be enough and it will never be for all that you have done to make me who I am today and undoubtedly will continue to do so in future too. Thank you for letting me see this world through your warmth and tender love. Thank you for all the efforts you put in to make my hair black. Though those tricks sound stupid now, but my hair has grown black.

Thank you for saving me every time when I was thrown down two flights of stairs. Thank you for teaching me that we win hearts by kindness and love and not by hatred. Thank you for teaching me how to forgive because I could see you feel bad even when the person who troubled you the most go away. It was because of those various incidents I have learnt to forgive and forget when people have behaved badly. Thank you for allowing me to make mistakes and letting me learn from those mistakes. Thank you for reminding me not to make those mistakes again.

Thank you for sending me to shops alone to bring small small stuffs like milk, tomatoes, flour, veggies, etc because you did not fear of sending me despite I being a girl. It is because of this I can walk alone even late at night. Thank you for telling that ‘Just let me know, you will be late’. I had to inform you and it did not matter to you if I came home after 9 as well. I could work or enjoy gatherings where I was invited.

Thank you for preparing my lunch after school at home. You made it sure it was there no matter where you were; you came and prepared it for me. Thank you for allowing me to climb our kitchen’s slab and cook by myself because I learnt basic cooking skills and learnt to fill my tummy and not wait for anyone else. Thank you for just telling me the routes and allowing myself to reach places. I did not have to depend upon anyone else to reach places. I just had to ask co-drivers the bus that you would direct me.

Thank you for taking me to your work places and involving me to the works that you did; be it digging potatoes, selling potatoes, selling kurthis, selling sesame seeds, cutting and selling meats, etc. Because all of these works have connected me to the ground, have taught me importance of hard work, not to waste any food because we earned it hard and we are fortunate to be receiving it, and most importantly dignity of labor and respect for whatever we do. You taught me no work is small or big, it all matters in how much committed we are towards our work.

Thank you for supporting my lies after my first period; telling grand mom that I am not menstruating while I was having my periods regularly because of which I was not bound to follow any restrictions imposed during those 4 days. Thank you for not letting things get to my ear for there are many things society may have fed you with. Thank you for respecting my decision to switch subjects and take a gap year. Thank you for allowing me solo travel despite I being the single child. Thank you for allowing me to take my own decisions and shaping me to become an independent young lady.

Above all, thank you for never regretting of having a girl child and thank you for never wishing to have a son. Thank you for always boosting me up that I am no less powerful than my opposite sex. Thank you for being so friendly to understand and talk about many problems that a girl goes through. These are just a few to mention, I am forever grateful to have you in my life and I will never be tired thanking you for all you have done. If concept of life after death exists than I wish you to be born as my daughter in my next life. Thank you tones and tones my MOTHER, MY ENTIRE WORLD. I LOVE YOU TOO INFINITY. THANK YOU MAMU.

Lastly, thank you (family, friends, relatives, mentor….) to everyone in my life who is helping me to become a better person through your deeds small or big. And a heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has provided me scholarships, sponsorship, advices, criticisms….to help me become a better being than yesterday.

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Dec 06, 2017
Dec 06, 2017

Thisbis so beautiful.

I love how you highlighted each person. We always overlook some things but we always forget that without those little moments, we may not have our great moments.

Thank for remembering everyone who supported your journey, it made me retrospect too.

Dec 07, 2017
Dec 07, 2017

Dear Olutosin,

Thank you so much. Indeed it is about those little moments. I am glad that you remembered your past through my post. Hope you smiled reminiscing.