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Posted October 3, 2020 from Nigeria
The remote learning webinar on how to integrate Flipgrid technology


Digital transformation is more urgent than ever!

Every sector is on a journey to respond to the current crisis, recover from it, and reimagine their statues quo and no two organisations will look alike. Countries/Organisations that are successful in navigating these changes do have one thing in common: They are resilient. The new future of every sector/organisation/countries explores:

  • The need to transform and build resilience
  • How to build an action plan to assess and strengthen the resilience
  • Ways in which tech companies can help many sectors become more resilient and  rapidly learn how super tech companies can help strengthen the resilience across  people,  schools, teams, business and organisation to thrive in an ever-changing world. A culture of innovation will refuel resilience and economic recovery.

As people have adapted to a COVID-19 world, their sense of purpose is taking on new meaning and encompassing where they are uniquely equipped to leverage technology innovation for good. This past quarter highlighted multiple examples of this trend, which we call “purpose-driven digital,” the art and science of leveraging technology innovation to drive business and societal outcomes for good.

At 21stdigi-skillz, we shares this purpose, honored to be a trusted initiative and a strategic advocator as we co-pilots the movement of digital skills today... future ready tomorrow and we are working tirelessly work with global 21stdigiskillz ambassadors to bring new innovations to life now and in the days ahead.

Harnessing technology to adapt across all sundries: people have embraced remote everything and purpose-driven digital for a better future of our young generations.

At 21stdigiskillz, we have and will always prioritize the quality of education for all. To achieve that, the quality and up skilling of teachers will have to improve. With the lockdown imposed by the government for our safety due to Covid-19, we continued organising webinars on different online Platforms. We  delved into the tools, resources, skills and methods required for effective remote and online learning that is needed in this our connected and globalized world of 21st century.

We have transitioned the event to an all-digital format to maintain social distancing amid the global pandemic. This new format requires an evolution in how we engage with our ambassadors to share contents and ideas while providing an opportunity to connect with each other, consider the influential tech trends that lay ahead, and works together to bring innovation to life for our authentic audience. This change in approach exemplifies the many ways in which our targeted audience across the globe are adapting in a COVID-19 world.

The 21stdigiskillz were invited by the emerging educators from Bangladesh in Asia to explores how Flipgrid technology can be integrated for social, emotional, engaging  and maximizing the students learning for best practices both on remote and hybrid learning. By using digital technologies, they are becoming more resilient, accelerating their recovery, and maneuvering to anticipate the up skilling needs.

There are many examples on  this past  months, on how our authentic audience are embracing change, including “remote everything,” while uncovering innovation — and opportunity — in a new normal. In a multi-language collaboration with the 21stdigiskillz ambassadors, we have agreed to be using a native languages and shared plans to reinvent the end-to-end language experiences globally, creating opportunities for our targeted audience to have an understanding and deep meaning on how to bridge the gap of digital divide by integrating the 21st century skills for enabling tech tools and resources to better compete in a growing digital landscape powered by tech companies. 

“We were thinking about something small, but because of the pressing needs of people to get acquainted  with the use of ed-tech tools and resources, It has re-sharpening this into something bigger, Which is very fundamental for 21stdigiskillz. We are able to showcase the initiative across the globe that we have a scalable  and doable platform where we can run advanced analytics on. At the same time, we were able to rapidly provision the platform for multiple participants in less than few months.”


“Sometimes we had challenges when we couldn’t:

  • Provide  devices that is required for hands-on learning
  • Stand-by generator in case of power failure
  • There is no free Wi-Fi 
  • Money for data subscription 
  • Resources/money needed for in-person/on ground workshop/training  

“We have been trying our best to make sure that we reached out to all our audience", which has not been easy.  we're sourcing for support so that our mission/set objective will  be achieved in more effective and innovative ways, but it’s not the same as having the upper echelon to guide us through the processes, provide best practices, tell us specific areas we should look out for and give us recommendations on how to test various scenarios and proof-of-concepts before we start connecting to our authentic audience.”  Webinar Summary:

No. of participants: 56

Country: 42 countries across the globe

Host country: Bangladesh (Asia) Speakers: 21stdigiskillz ambassadors

"21stdigiskillz ignites with her ambassadors at this present time empowering teachers and students  for upskilling and to build resilience for today and what's ahead".

Keep in touch for more updates... Stay safe and observes the COVID-19 protocols!  


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Nini Mappo
Oct 04, 2020
Oct 04, 2020

Congratulations Uche Lin on your growing partnerships and impact in digital skills. For the record, I still can't figure out FlipGrid. But at least I don't need it anymore. Good on you for empowering these ambassadors to dissipate these skills so vital to the times we find ourselves in.
All the best for your future projects.

Oct 05, 2020
Oct 05, 2020

Thank you so much @Nini Mappo for your kind wishes! Filpgrid tech is social learning platform that engages students and maximize effective learning which enhances best practices, collaboration, innovation, creativity, students centered Pedagogy as they experience the magic of student voice, form PreK to PhD learners ... and beyond! In other words, It promotes the 4c's of 21st century learning skills.
When learners reflect upon, discuss and showcase what they are learning, making, reading, solving, experiencing, playing … It’s always better together with Flipgrid!
Thank you once again my dear sis! really appreciate your effort!

Beth Lacey
Oct 06, 2020
Oct 06, 2020

This is a great and much needed initiative

Oct 07, 2020
Oct 07, 2020

Thank you Sis Betty for your compliment. Together we can make a huge difference!

Oct 08, 2020
Oct 08, 2020

You rock Uche! Congratulations

Oct 08, 2020
Oct 08, 2020

Thank you sis Maeann for your kind words of affirmation and good wishes! You're the best! How's your initiative going? Stay safe dear!

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Oct 27, 2020
Oct 27, 2020

Hello, Uche,

Your initiative is soaring! Congratulations to you! Even COVID-19 cannot stop you from accomplishing your mission and calling. Way to go, dear!

Nov 05, 2020
Nov 05, 2020

Thank you dear sis Karen❤️ Yes as COVD-19 couldn't stops learning, it cannot stop my first calling to be actualized... Work in progress