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Posted October 5, 2020 from Nigeria
The 21stdigiskillz initiative international meet-up

21stdigiskillz int'l had special international meet-up as the Change Makers of all time shared how they're promoting the 21stdigiskillz mission in their various countries.


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* Global (projects) learning Connections

* Call for Speaker Proposals Released

Transforming teaching and learning to align with critical 21st century skills is a goal for many educators around the globe. Today’s learners need to develop cognitive and non-cognitive skills to create, collaborate, solve real-world problems, construct and represent knowledge in a range of ways, including digitally.

For school leaders, this means building teachers’ capacity to develop these skills in students through innovative teaching approaches.

As part of the 21stdigiskillz initiative's commitment and to promotes the SDG's goal #4 quality education. We're to empower every educator's authentic voice by upskilling them to do more. we have created a platform for those that doesn't have any  to amplify their voices on how they are promoting the 21stdigiskillz mission, to help schools begin their education transformation and to measure their progress. 

The transformation Survey has been sent out, self hosted survey that measures the perceptions of educators and leaders on the current state of innovative teaching practices in their schools or classrooms. It is a self-review and serves as an important first step in raising awareness of each school’s current state of transformation.

The results of this survey includes how digital technologies are used in learning and school support for innovative practices. The goal of the survey is to provide tools for schools to measure and develop innovative teaching and learning, and to ultimately better prepare students for life and work in the 21st century.

Introduction and Methodology:

Schools around the world are striving to improve students’ learning experiences through pedagogical changes and the effective use of technology. Students need skills for life and work in the 21st century that are not well developed through traditional education. 

The objectives of the 21stdigiskillz meet-up are to provide a basis for discussion and reflection within the broader school community and to inform strategic planning and professional development decisions. To further support along the transformation journey and to share ideas and engages in further learning with like-minded teachers, schools etc.

Throughout this report, information and communication technologies (ICT) refers to a broad set of technology tools and resources such as computers (including laptops), mobile phones, graphing calculators, digital cameras, electronic whiteboards, other computer hardware, computer software (such as presentation software, word processors, and spreadsheets) and the Internet. The words computers, technology, and ICT are used interchangeably. We shared ideas on the following below:

Innovative Teaching Practices:

Use of the term “innovative” to describe the combination of the three teaching practices described below is intentional. Student-centered pedagogy and extending learning beyond the classroom are concepts that have very long histories. The term “innovative” in the context of this research describes combining these practices with technology to solve teaching and learning challenges in new ways. It is the combination of these pedagogical practices with technology that has the potential for real innovation.

Student Centered Pedagogy:

Student-centered pedagogy includes practices of teaching and learning that are project-based, collaborative, foster knowledge-building, require self-regulation and assessment, and are both personalized (allowing for student choice and relevance to the individual student) as well as individualized (allowing students to work at their own pace and according to their particular learning needs).Each of these elements has a strong base of prior research, linking them to positive outcomes in terms of developing 21st century skills among students.

Extending learning beyond the classroom:

This teaching practice refers to learning activities that reflect the nature of high performing work groups in modern organizations. Learning activities extend beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom, for example, by including individuals beyond the classroom (for example, parents, experts, community members), by providing opportunities 24/7 learning (for example, research outside the classroom), fostering cross-subject connections, and promoting global awareness and cultural understanding.

ICT used for teaching and learning:

This teaching practice relates to technology use by educators and by students for learning purposes. Because the impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) can vary widely depending on its pedagogical application, this construct includes a focus on how ICT is used and not simply whether it is used. For example, the surveys distinguish between basic or rote use of technology and higher level technology use that takes better advantage of technology to deepen the student learning outcome.

The Global learning connection:

We have agreed to participates in the annual Microsoft in Education 48 hours global learning connection scheduled for 10 - 11th November, 2020. It will enhance and maximize students learning, sparks empathy and curiosity, cultivate critical thinking/innovation, improves skilled communication, promotes cultural diversity and digital/Global citizenship in the comfort zone of our classrooms.

Call for speakers proposals:

The call for speakers proposals for our October webinar was opened. We reviewed the forms and recruited the speakers for October webinar series. The next updates would be on our October webinar. so watch out for it!


  • Due to the current world scenarios, the learning has not stopped. Transitioning either to remote learning, Hybrid or face-to-face learning has been the order of the day. But we found out that there're still some countries in Asia, Africa that learning are still in shambles because they lack appropriate learning devices, tools and materials needed for learning.
  • Some teachers are not digitally literate
  • Not all the learners are accessible to internet
  • Digital divide has caused more harm than good to actualize the UN global agenda 2030
  • In-person trainings/workshops has not been easy to carry out due to some logistics and devices needed to embark on the mission.

We the Changemakers and transformers of all time have discussed the best practices and the various ways to bridge the gap of digital divide by integrating the 21st century learning skills... (For digital skills today...Future ready tomorrow).  

Stayed glued to my Impact journey and don't go no where... Watch out for our October webinar series!!! Thank you for your time here!

How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Oct 27, 2020
Oct 27, 2020

Hello, Uche,

I'm simply amazed at how you are running this initiative and now you have international ambassadors. You make digital education look exciting! Keep it up, dear. Thank you for this update!

Nov 05, 2020
Nov 05, 2020

Thank you so much sis Karen ❤️ Trust that your guest speaking session at the Aspire conference was successful?
Yes dear! This is the only way to give back to the society . I didn't have this opportunity while growing up. That's why my initiative focuses on quality education which promotes the SDG's goal #4.
Thank you for all you do!
Your motivation and encouragement to the World pulse sisters are healing to broken hearthed ❤️

Nov 02, 2020
Nov 02, 2020

Hello Uche,
I hope you are doing well. It is amazing to see what lengths you are going to ensure that digital skills are acquired by the majority at a time when it has become very imperative.
I see how you were able to map out the challenges and benefits, bringing to the fore the increasing gaps in the digital divide. I wish you and your team more grease in our desire to see this dream come to fruition and also for the Microsoft education. It sounds interesting.
It is also good to see you were able to bring up more digitalskills ambassadors to join the webinar.
Keep impacting.

Nov 05, 2020
Nov 05, 2020

Thank you sis Arrey❤️ for your encouraging words! It's has not been easy though...but we're pushing it till we gets to the finishing line.
Microsoft Education has build me up professionally in digitally wise both on local and global scale. As a Microsoft innovative educator expert, Fellow, Master trainer and Global learning mentor.
We're going to have a sleepover as usual to travel virtually round the continent for 48 hours global learning connection. It's going to be spetacular and adventurous! All on the comfort zone of our classroom without Visas and flight.

Nov 03, 2020
Nov 03, 2020

Hello Uche,
This is a good and exiting initiative and I am sure the participants learnt alot. How I pray that the challenges can be addressed so that it becomes even more impactful. Thanks for sharing.

Nov 05, 2020
Nov 05, 2020

Thank you so much sis Millynairi ❤️ The participants learned a lot. We have lots of success story on Flipgrid platform where they shared their videos about the learning outcome.
As for the challenges , I hope and pray that it would be dealt with in due time. All our hope will not be lost. Our fingers are crossed!

Beth Lacey
Nov 03, 2020
Nov 03, 2020

This is so comprehensive. Congratulations!

Nov 05, 2020
Nov 05, 2020

Thank you sis Beth❤️ for your fruitful wishes!

Efe Omordia
Nov 05, 2020
Nov 05, 2020

For teaching to be relevant in this digital age, it has to be innovative and hands on.

The internet is becoming so viable that sooner or later, most interactions including learning would take place in that space.

Thanks for preparing children and others in sub saharan Africa to join the moving train

Nov 05, 2020
Nov 05, 2020

Thank you dear sis Efe ❤️ You have said it all. We're hoping to get some hands on learning devices to transitioning into AI, AR and VR since tech has become the Hallmark and inevitable for the 21st century learning.

Sabiha Hasan
Dec 17, 2020
Dec 17, 2020

good going girl! keep it up....