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Posted November 17, 2020 from Nigeria

We celebrated the work been done to support and promotes the mission of the 21stdigi-skillz in bringing quality education to all using ICT. The global change makers of all time in education inspired and motivated people as they shared their journey, success and challenges.


  • Welcome/Intro
  • Founders Message
  • Mission
  • How Ambassadors can help with the movement of the initiative
  • Ambassador Updates
  • Local efforts in promoting the 21stdigiskillz mission
  • Upcoming Event: International Webinar 12th December

Technology is an integral to the strategy but loses focus, as the training of new IT is slow to disseminate to the authentic audience. We at the 21stdigiskillz int'l believes that everyone at every level plays a role in creating a diverse and inclusive work environment, and that ally-ship behaviour is the key. Digital transformation is more important than ever. You can revisit your favourite moments or find something new from current world scenario. 

     In such a transformative year for education, could more collaborative approach to goal setting bring about positive benefits and holistic improvement? Perhaps!

When it comes to technology, we focuses on maximizing online safety and healthy digital citizen that has increased and boosting engagement is the second highest priority to our mission statement. 

Our purpose does not change, but our potential does. The principles that 21stdigiskillz int’l was founded upon are embedded in our authentic audience. We have updated to specify that our activities will aimed at achieving the (SDG’s) United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

 The 21stdigiskillz int'l was set up with a purpose to enable anyone, anywhere to use their digital skills to support the causes they care about. This sets the foundation for our global ambition to a reality.

We at the 21stdigiskillz int’l normally conducts monthly Meet-ups and webinars. This will facilitates us to monitor the growth of the mission and for possible re-evaluation of work been done by the 21stdigiskillz Ambassadors to promote the initiative’s mission.

           We had a pre-event test call prior to the event day and early day of the event.  We had this vigorous test done to ascertain the strength of the stream yard, devices and of course the network. Everything were in the good working condition.

     The live event kicked off smoothly with sparkling energy from the speakers. We have gotten to the middle of the event, just like a flash of torch light, we had glitches, lost sound and we had people joined from different countries. They were complaining about the sound, I tried all I could to calm them down, I told them that we got the situation under control but we never did. I pleaded with the attendees to rejoin back in an hour’s time to enable us fix the sound, which they accepted. I kicked people out from the live event, which was so disheartened, and embarrassing. I have never experienced this kind of scenario in my entire life.

     I had to summon the speakers, moderators and the ambassadors to exercise little patience to enable us do the off live recording, which they all agreed. We started all over, recorded the video, edited and scheduled for another live event.

Wow! The second live event kicked off at exact time. We had a mass turnout of attendees. They were happy that we kept to our words.  They were thinking that it was a live event, but what they do not know was that we recorded the video off live and streamed it live.  We were Super-excited that our contingency plan salvaged the situation, which boosted our confidence and mission statement.

The movement to our mission does not slow down. It accelerates. The lives we are digitally imparting both locally and globally will accelerate our ability to support and reach our authentic audience.                                                                                          I had the worst experience ever (Technical glitches) I will never wish for anyone to experience what we went through.              I believe that tech will now be feature as part of people’s strategy as a direct result from the global

      Embracing an interactive learning:

  • With fast-tracked remote working deployment and a universal reliance on technology for basic teaching, the technical staff kept schools up and running. With this, there's a fresh perspective on school tech. Schools now recognize which tools truly aid learning and boost results, and which don't. This realism can be the first step to a refreshed tech roadmap.
  • Without technology now, the school, some business, cooperate bodies, virtual not every sector would function!
  • It's not unexpected that distance learning, apps and video conferencing software have seen huge uptick in popularity this year.
  • In terms of hardware, however, traditional photocopiers, printers and desktops are still the most commonly used equipment in schools. But if most educators agree that tech improves engagement and behaviour, shouldn't schools prioritize using future-proof tools at the heart of the learning experience instead?
  • This year, schools were forced to rely on technology for basic lesson delivery, homework setting and marking. Thanks to this, remote teaching software and video conferencing solutions which have come into their own, supporting teachers and students remotely. This, however, has presented its own challenges.
  • Despite this, video conferencing was minimally effective for learning during lockdown. Children learn through social interaction, so the classroom is and always will be the nucleus of the learning experience. The true benefits of tech are realized when the educator is there to combine it with appropriate, tried and tested learning methods.
  • A digital-first approach is needed, but it must be effective. Pupils thrive in a classroom environment and there are technologies available to support class-based learning in more ways than it is used


·Using technology to engage students and boost collaboration has jumped up this year, but updating technology and providing technology training has significantly dropped.

  • Results and attainment are still the highest priority for the coming year. Staff training and updating technology are still low on the priority list.
  • Tech should be a part of learning. But some people admit they avoid using it because hardware is often available
  • There's an entrenched traditionalism in schools that's hard to shake. Educators want to use modern technologies more, but updating their existing hardware is proving to be a bigger challenge.
  • The biggest issue is repeated failure on how to use some tech in  as opposed to very rarely malfunctioning technology at home
  • There are some people living in a primitive areas that we are unable to reach due to some logistics problem

I ought to have updated this but due to health challenges and my school load work, I was unable to do so. Just as saying goes Ït's better late than never".

Thank you for your time and all you do to impact lives positively in your our little way.  More updates are coming...Be on a look out.

Virtual hugs to WPS

Uche Lin,




How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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Efe Omordia
Dec 01, 2020
Dec 01, 2020

Great job dear. Even with the limited internet connection in this part of the world, you are impacting so many lives.