About Your Initiative

I' m a global teacher. Due to the present situation of global pandemic that leads to schools closure. I have turned the crisis into benefits for both the teachers and students transitioning to remote or distance learning. I'm using platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Google classroom, Google meet now for webinars and training sessions, both on local and global scales.

I'm training teachers on how to integrate ed-Tech tools and resources in and outside the classrooms. The unique nature of my global project is that the United Nations and it's international counterparts has created a bench mark and agreed that all the classrooms in the world would be equipped with the 21st century learning skills come 2030 with teach sustainable development goals.

Technologically speaking, technology cannot operates itself without human intervention. That's why I have started advocating for the Use of ed-tech tools and resources, sharpening critical thinking, sparking empathy,curiosity and experimenting the use of technology and best practices in and outside the classrooms. I would like to start Hands-on STE(A)M education. Its unique when my students and teachers becomes digital and global citizens. It's unique because I'm building a sustainable ecosystems of life long learning.          FACEBOOK PAGE           BLOG          TWITTER             FLIPGRID LEARNING OUTCOME

Who is being impacted by my initiative?

women, girls, boys, and men by impacting lives by imparting the 21st century skills.

My Updates