Catch them Young (TEENAGERS)

Posted August 6, 2021 from Nigeria
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A teen is one between the age of 13 and 20 years of age. From reserch we spotted that within this age bracket this lives are Very tender especially on their minds. They lack the power of decisions yet could be directed right if given time.

The TEEN age is a period of building brains and capacity and crucial Care ought to be taken critically, hence there will be disfocus and bad ending.

Nowadays we live a world where there are racial discrimination,lack of good parenting, prostitution, poor economic development, high rate of Teens pregnancy that LEDs to drop out from school and lots more.

In this caouse, numerous of TEENAGER'S have been molaced, rape , abused and forced into early Marriages , some of these TEEN GIRL'S are homeless, fatherless and motherless (like the present Case am handling now)  these has pushed so many of them to the street thus they live LIFE they never imagined. Majority of these girls lack good parenting in the sense that they lack home training, and quality Moral values which could be of direction for them.

Mind you, lots of men and women out there are already taking advantage of these homeless and helpless Girls to their own advantage by sending them to prostitute for them

Most of these girls have the zeal to Atlist learn a Skill if given opportunity since they couldn't afford Education.

In that manner, I was able to create a training center where these girls are receiving free trainings in different Skills acquisitions and thus empowered with equipments to earn a living and be independent.

Thus, we envision a world where all underprivileged Girls inspite of their status are inspired and equipped to realize the future they desire and also contribute meaningfully to the development of the nation.


Finally, the Teens are our future, the TEENS girl's are our potential Mother's, so they ought to be taken care of, MORALLY and otherwise.

Our motto: giving them a fighting Chance and a better LIFE.

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Aug 07
Aug 07

Dear Ujunice,
These girls are an absolute collection of precious treasures. The world is a cruel place for this precious collection. I wish them protection, self confidence and a good education. I hope they grow up to believe in themselves. Keep hope alive!

Aug 08
Aug 08

Amen thanks so much

Aug 08
Aug 08

Hello dear sister. Thank you for your story and for giving us a window into your life and work. Thank you for the visual. I absolutely love the handbags. I see clutches and all sorts, beautifully done! Thank you for being a light in darkness. Keep on shining my dear sister. Much love to you dear.

Aug 08
Aug 08

Much love to you

Beth Lacey
Aug 23
Aug 23

This is wonderful work. The handbags are so pretty.