Posted October 16, 2020 from Nigeria
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 My name is Ujunwa Emilia, I was born and brought up in eastern part of Nigeria, am the only Girl of my family and from a poor background, 

Am graduate of imo State University, I have a deep passion for the Girl Child, especially the Teens, because I strongly believe the age bracket of Teens is the most crucial stage and most not taken for granted and joke with, I see alot of girls in the street misbehaving, no one to lead them right, I took it upon myself to seeing them living right and bringing our their full potentials, giving them a fighting Chance and a better LIFE.

Today I have a foundation called UNIQUE CARE INITIATIVE under WELLNESS CARE FOUNDATION,  since the inception, we have been able to empower the vulnerables to a standard out in the society and contribute to nation building.

I run a TV Reality Talk Show on the Life of a Teen Girl shown on our YouTube [email protected]&Teens

Facebook [email protected] wellness Care Foundation UWCF

OR Unique Girls Organization page

[email protected] Unique Care Intiative

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Oct 16
Oct 16

Hello Emilia,
Welcome to the Pulse. I hope you are doing well.

It is a great pleasure to see another passionate advocate of the girl child join World Pulse.
You are right, teen years are crucial years as they impact our formative lives. The girls are fortunate to have you to direct and mould them.
Congratulations on the founding of your foundation. It is amazing hearing that you run a TV reality show.
Please post the link of your YouTube so that World Pulse sisters can take a look.

Keep impacting. I look forward to hearing more on how your work with teen girls are going.

BTW, you may have been from a poor background, but your passion and love for girls will make you live a RICH life and legacy.

Oct 16
Oct 16

Amen, thanks so much,I appreciate
I will Share our YouTube link

Nini Mappo
Oct 17
Oct 17

Hello Emilia,
It's great to read about your work, your vision, your compassion and how you've dived into helping teens, body and soul. May much fruit come from your work as you empower the next generation. It is important work because it also trickles into the kind of parents they will be themselves, so goo on you, and God's speed!

Hello, Emilia,

Now I know why Nini keeps calling you that. Thank you for sharing some important information about yourself. By the way, I notice that your bio on your profile page is still empty. This post you wrote here is good info you can put on your Bio so when people visit your page, they get to know you.

Thanks for sharing!