The Snapchat Generation!

Melissa Shrestha
Posted October 29, 2020 from Nepal

The generation that asks for small conversations over deep talks, the generation that is busy showing off their Starbucks coffee, the generation that seeks casual relationships over serious commitments, the generation that posts about mental health issues in their social medias but does not make a small effort to check on their friends, the generation that uses "Netflix and chill" as their favorite phrase; well to wrap that is the "Snapchat Generation". Just like how swiftly the messages disappear in Snapchat, people disappear and people always leave! Sometimes I question myself, do I actually belong to this generation? I feel like I am trying my best to adjust in this setting. I am wondering how many of us are feeling similarly or must be cursing at me for talking against this generation. Well fuck off! If you don't feel like reading you can always skip it, but today I need to vent out. I need to vent out about how I feel about my generation. I am not okay with a guy asking me out and suddenly disappearing because he just felt lazy? I am not okay with the friends who keep asking me how are you, but can do nothing about it when I say I am not fine? I am not okay with the tons of social media attention seekers, who make me feel insecure about my existence? I deactivated all my social medias for a month and trust me I have never felt so energized and recharged after that! I just want to go back to the days where exchanging letters, catch up over coffee, deep conversation under stars would make a real meaning to life. Do you think me to have certain expectations in this swipe right generation is okay?  I wish I had the control to swipe left to some people for like forever! I mean why do you appear in my screen if you're just not even 1 percent similar to what I expect? 

The last message I have for this "Snapchat Generation"---- please be kind to people around you and sometimes think with your heart not with your brains. At least for once please!

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Hello, Melissa,

Yes, vent it out, dear sister, because those are valid points you brought up here. I somehow feel old because I have no ShapChat account. I do call this generation as IG ( Instant Gratification) generation. You have the right to feel that way, dear. I rejoice the moment I read you deactivate your social media accounts. I have done that, too! You are right it brings so much peace to be away from all of those fleeting posts. I had to reactivate my FB last month coz I need to spread the word about free passes for the recently concluded Aspire Conference, but I am not that active as I used to. It gives me more time to spend with core priorities.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. This is a safe space, a place to vent out. You're safe to be YOU here. Have a great day!

Oct 29
Oct 29

Helo Melissa :) How are you?

I agree with you.... we need to be kind to people around us with heart.

Social media if you can't control yourself it will eat you up. So I myself need to hibernate every weekend, ensuring to spend time with myself (which is self-care). It really gives you peace the same time rest for your eyes.

Thank you for sharing.

Paulina Nayra
Oct 30
Oct 30

Dear Melissa,
You made me feel so ancient because I had no idea that Snap Chat works that way. So it's a quick chat? What kind? Anyway, I think you belong to my generation where we used to write letters, long letters expressing our feelings and sharing our thoughts, when we used to immerse ourselves in long telephone conversations, when we just sit out and talk, laugh and cry together. You'll love it. I still keep those letters from snail mail. Letters as old as thirty (30) years old. See? they don't snap.
Thanks for educating me with your post. Take care dear.


Beth Lacey
Oct 30
Oct 30

Everyone needs to vent and I am glad you understand that this community is a safe place to do so. But, please take care of yourself, too.

Nov 09
Nov 09

Great article Melissa. Keep it flowing.
I am a new writer here. Would be great if you can give me your comments as well 2.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Melissa,
Hope you are well. Social Media is a world on its own and we must learn to live our lives separate from it otherwise it can consume you and eat you alive. Thank you for venting out. Take care of your self and am looking forward to many more of your posts. Stay blessed.

Julie Desai

Thanks for sharing