The Missing Cavity to fill the Gender Gap : She for She

Upasana Chauhan
Posted August 17, 2016 from India

We are in 21st century where Finally women have come way ahead in their fight for equality. Women in some parts of the world have finally made it out of their house and have been a part of the economically growing world. But, Let's not assume that we are Free if we are a part of the workforce. We have our own different battles now but we still have a BATTLE to be won.

To understand the lag ,let's rewind and go back a few hundred years. In China, there was a tradition of Foot Binding.Foot bindingwas the custom of applying painfully tight binding to the feet of young girls to prevent further growth.As a result, the growth of many chinese women would stop. This continued for 200 years. We still have a handful of last women who followed this tradition. Without a doubt, this was the most painful process as it became painful even to walk everyday. The question is "How" and "Why" did such a horrible tradition began at the first place. It was a shock to me that the originator of this cruelsome tradition was a Woman. In Shang Dynasty, the concubine named Daji of the Emperor King Zou, was the one who made Footbinding mandatory for all the girls in her court. This answered "How" it originated but "Why" still puzzled me. Now, she was born with a clubfoot. Her feets were very tiny and different from other women. She wanted an acceptance from society for her feets and also that everybody should have feets like her. Therefore, she made it mandatory for all the women to have their feets bound. Gradually, all of the women would bind their feets and therefore they needed different kind of shoes. These new shoes now were a Fashion statement and all the wealthy women would pay more and more to afford the best shoes. The poor women had to work in the house but because of the foot binding, now this was such a painful life for them. The word spread in other states as well and eventually this took shape of a Ritual/Tradition. Now, in every household a new born girl would have her feets binded. In 20th century, Finally when there were Anti Foot Binding campaigns this tradition finally ended.

Now, let's have a look at America. When the Feminist women started after the world war and women demanded to be a part of workforce. Men were against this campaign for obvious reasons. But, then there were also some women who were against women being in the workforce. Women would discourage other women that "Why do you want to go and work outside the house because your job is to take care of your Husband and Kids" . Of course, we know where America stands today and hopefully will have it's first Women President.The journey from the First wave of Feminism in 1848 to 2016 was not a cake walk. We expect by default that Men would not support Feminism or Women in Workplace but we somehow don't expect Women not to support the fights for their own rights.

It's 2016 and Girls are in schools, colleges and Corporates.They are reaching new heights of success. At every level, in every part of the world they are breaking the glass ceilings or at least trying their best to. But, there is another ceiling that we need to face and and break it as well that is least talked about. The ceiling created by a woman for another woman. In schools, colleges and corporate worlds , there are other women trying to pull down the other woman who is trying to fly high. The reason could be anything - They might feel threatened by the thought that how can she be ahead of me or societal pressures. Let's again not generalize and say that all women do this -NO, Not all women are like this of course. But, there is still a section of women in parts of world who in someway or other become the ceiling/barrier in other women path.

From China to America , from B.C. Era To 21st century, this is a factor that is not talked about. I have seen it and experienced it in school, college and so much more in Corporate world. I am sure women in other fields as well are experiencing the same.

I personally feel that the day we stand united with each other and for each other, our battle for equality would be won in just a matter of few years. The progress we have made so far is only because women supported women and I thank everyone of them. We also need to encourage other women who are still not with us for multiple reasons. May be it's jealousy, society or not having enough courage to stand for their sisters even if they want to.

My views are not to offend anybody who have supported women all their lives. I am also a girl who have all her life fought for her sisters , aunts and friends. I just want to unite all the women for each other and not against each other. I call for She for She because we are in 21st century where we already have so many He for She with us as well.

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