Breaking the Silence 2015: From Shame to Pride

Urmila Chanam
Posted April 14, 2015 from India
Breaking the Silence 2015 is a campaign to banish taboos and myths around menstruation
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Launching: Launching !!!! 'Breaking the Silence 2015: From Shame to Pride' is not just a campaign.It is a woman's individual effort to raise awareness around menstruation, on how difficult it is for adolescent girls and women and garner the kind of support and understanding that we require. This campaign attempts to strengthen girls and women and reclaim their rights to discussion on menstruation and clean sanitary material and educate boys and men on how they can help. Together we can make a huge world of difference. LINK TO MY VIDEO MESSAGE ON THE LAUNCH OF THE GLOBAL CAMPAIGN: (1/1)

Welcome to my global campaign against the shame and inhibition that girls and women carry in their lives when it comes to menstruation. Little do they know that the shame will act as the biggest barrier in making good health choices and prevent them from attaining good health and quality of life.

'Breaking the Silence' Campaign is the winner of the National Laadli Awards for Gender Sensitivity 2015 for garnering support from guys as well as girls, men as well as women.

Take this journey with me,which will be hosted on Facebook from 29th March to 28th May 2015, the International Menstrual Hygiene Day.



And this is how:

1. This is for all the girls: Wear red through these two months everyday and lets us convey our message ' We are girls and we menstruate'.

Tops, shirts, necklaces, hair clips, earrings, bracelets, badges, scarves, flip flops and sandals, even bags and pouches in red are accepted so no stress please!

Send in your pictures and let me collate pictures of all the girls and women worldwide who want to celebrate their menstruation!

2.Hit a 'like' or post a comment on the many posts and updates I will have for you during the several weeks to the International Menstrual Hygiene Day.

3. 'Share' the campaign album, pictures, status updates or posts with your friends or on your wall and initiate a discussion on the topic of menstruation and the need to end the shame and bring in pride.

And share your story of your experience with me via inbox or e-mail. If this isn't impact- what is!

4. Take part in all the many events and competitions coming up in the following weeks and use your smart phone to capture pictures of your participation and send it to me! (My e-mail is given at the end of this note).

5. Reach out to me for any query related to your experience or someone related to you, on menstruation or just your opinion and thoughts. I will document it. These inputs will go to a larger forum where I can extend recommendations to policies and actions on ground.

6. Share any links (with me via inbox or e-mail) to articles, blog posts, pictures, news items or videos related to menstruation that you come across and you find it worthy of sharing. I will post it on the campaign to raise awareness on the issue.

7. Win several prizes! I will gift a whole lot of stuff to whole lot of people for whole lot of things.

The first person to share a campaign related post on his/her wall( prize is already taken by UN official from Switzerland, Mr Dave Trouba!) , the person to win maximum prizes during the campaign, best story, best selfie and so on.

Till the 28th May 2015 I will be on my feet gathering a storm to the best of my capacity to 'Break the Silence' and take the journey ' From Shame to Pride'.

Walk the walk with me.

29 March 2015| India

In solidarity,

Urmila Chanam

Campaign Host



Skype: urmilavoiceofthevoiceless


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Alyssa Rust
Apr 15, 2015
Apr 15, 2015

Dear Urmila,

Thank you so much for sharing this post on World Pulse! I am excited to participate and will have to go search for items that I own that are red. Look forward to hearing others stories, reading the posts and seeing all the great photos on Facebook in solidarity with your campaign.


Alyssa Rust