Young women leaders speaking out for their constitutional Rights

Urmila Salunkhe
Posted July 11, 2019 from India
Young Women Leaders#Wall panting.1
Young Women Leaders#Wall panting.1 (1/2)

It's very encouraging for me to become a Collective Impact Partnership Fellow. It’s great to have this opportunity to share my campaigns, learning, and experiences that I have gathered while working for the cause of stopping sexual violence and gender equality.

I am privileged to be a part of the team of the Feminist organization Akshara Centre which does the work of empowering young girls. It is a very inspiring and motivating experience to observe the change in the lives of girls in society.

All these girls are living in Mumbai's different communities. They are dreaming for the best safe and equal world for them with Akshara. Yes, they too are struggling to make their own existence and Akshara Centre is constantly working to inspire them to turn their dreams into realities fearlessly.

In this process, Akshara girls are taking leadership, being part of different networks and leading the campaign in their own community. This year as a part of the Learning Communities program these leaders have started a campaign for safe public places for women and girls claiming a right to access public places which are occupied by men in this patriarchal society. 

This is a constitutional right of every woman and girl. Akshara Team along with young women Leaders will continue with this campaign and we need more such campaigns in the city.

Local citizens have recognized and appreciated this leadership of young women and have supported the implementation of the campaign in their areas instilling a sense of confidence in them.

And this campaign continues……

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Hello, Urmila,

Thank you for telling us more about your campaign and projects with Akshara. It’s very inspiring to read that you are helping many girls claim their right to public spaces. Congratulations for making this campaign a success!

Is the CIP Fellowship ongoing now? Or it has already concluded?

Stella Paul
Jul 11
Jul 11

Dear Urmila
You are so right: although its one of the world's most expensive city where some of Asia's richest people live, there are very few places that can be considered completely safe, especially for girls. Your campaign is so, so important! Keep up your work, keep making our beloved city safe and keep inspiring us by sharing stories of your great campaign. love

Dawn Arteaga
Jul 11
Jul 11

Urmila, Thank you for your work with young women, helping them claim their right to take up space and be seen and heard. These lessons are going to bring immeasurable ripples in millions of tiny ways throughout the course of these women. Together, we will create a tidal wave.

Corine Milano
Jul 11
Jul 11

Wow Urmila - thank you for sharing your work with us at World pulse. I love that young girls are claiming their rights to accessing public spaces. Have you seen this story from World Pulse sister Shatakshi about claiming her right to loiter? It may interest you and the girls you are campaigning with!

Jill Langhus
Jul 13
Jul 13

Hi Urmila,

Thanks for sharing your great photos and update... looks like fun, the mural, I mean:-) Does your center have a website and/or social media page(s) for us like/follow? Looking forward to hearing more about your work and campaign.

Hope you're having a great weekend:-)