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Posted December 4, 2015 from India

Hi! I am working in social development sector for more than a decade. I always related economic empowerment of women as the founding stone towards gender justice and equality. It gives women the support to fight back, increases their self confidence and enhance their resilience power.

I believe being a part of the economic empowerment group in World Pulse platform; I will get a chance to meet likeminded people so that together we can work towards a bigger goal to use this digital platform for women’s economic empowerment. One may question, how someone is going to use this digital platform for women’s economic empowerment? I feel digital world provides us plethora of opportunities to connect women with a larger audience. Moreover, digital literacy helps women to improve their chances of economic empowerment. Women linked to different skill sets can be benefitted differently. For example skilled women can use the digital platform for job search, networking, business development and enhancement of their personal knowledge. Whereas women with poor educational background, can also be benefitted through digital platform. For example in India; rural cyber cafes are quite popular. Village women often use these cyber cafes to register themselves for different safety net programmes offered by the Government. Local community based organisations provide rural women necessary support to use the platform effectively for their socio-economic wellbeing.

Moreover, digital platform has created many new jobs where women can employ themselves. In the last one decade India has experience tremendous growth in information and communication technology. Because of cheap labour and skilled manpower, India is a favourite country for outsourcing job. This new development has created job opportunities for women in call centre and IT sector.

Economically empowered women are more conscious and better equipped to deal with any challenges. As part of my job, I got a chance to interact with victims of trafficking, sexual violence and domestic violence. Such victims often go through severe trauma and uncertainty about their future. In most such cases I have noticed that their engagement in livelihood generating activities enable them to regain their self-esteem. Such engagements also enhance their social circle and make a way for reintegrating them back into an active social life.

I believe in spreading knowledge. In 2002 I bought my first computer and got an internet connection at home. Just after buying the computer I taught all my family members about how to operate it. I feel very happy when I see my mother is using face book and how she got connected again with her friend circles again. Digital empowerment gives one the confidence and open up avenues for improving quality of life. I spread the same awareness among people so that they in turn share their knowledge and experience the change. In addition to social media and electronic media, local platforms and cultural groups can be used to spread awareness about digital literacy and how it empowers women and society as a whole.

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Dec 09, 2015
Dec 09, 2015

Hello and welcome to World Pulse.  It is very clear that you realize the power and potenial that being connected digitally can do for women.  You have seen it in action--from your mother to the battered women you work with to yourself.  You know first hand how it can change lives.  I'm sure the potential is quite strong in India, as it is one of the more technologically advanced countries.  (My daughter has lived in India for 11 years and yet I still feel connected to her because we have Skype and email!)  World Pulse is the perfect place for you to connect with others and really use digital empowerment in earnest.  I'm so impressed with the work you are doing for women now, and know that in the future you will achieve even more! 

Keep up the great work.


Obisakin Busayo
Dec 09, 2015
Dec 09, 2015

Hello Ushree

You are welcome to WorldPulse and we feel so delighted to have you in the community. Feel free to explore the community, check out the new resources and events. Join a group that best suited you, Connect with other community members who share your passion, common interests, and expertise! With groups, you will be better able to nurture your ideas and solutions, access resources, and make things happen. The need for digital connection can not be overemphasized and you have and worldpulse is a great place for you to thrive. Great work you are already doing and keep up the good work!



Carolyn Seaman
Dec 11, 2015
Dec 11, 2015

Dear Ushree,

Welcome to World Pulse and thank you for this great piece you have written. I admire your passion for women's empowerment and the angle that digital literacy strengthens women's empowerment. You have highlighted the various areas where women can empower themselves using relevant digital platforms.

I particularly love your story about your experience working with victims of trafficking, sexual and domestic violence as well as the story about your first computer puchase and training for your family members; they must be forever grateful to you for exposing them to the new world of possibilities that the internet presents. Your Mum on Facebook is fantastic!

Once again, I celebrate your passion for digital literacy and women's empowerment and I look forward to hearing more stories from you.

Warm regards,

Dec 12, 2015
Dec 12, 2015

Hi Ushree,

Welcome to the world wherein,you can express your ideas and emotion.Share your experience that no one will judge you.Everyone here is your friends and family.Welcome to the world pulse.

It's really inspiring reading your story.I grew up in village.And most women have limited knowledge in digital.I hope that the government will give attention or give free training or have a digital literacy program.And have a free WiFi.It will helps women to be aware about their rights or have a knowledge about violence against women.As you said they can find jobs,or idea how to start business that won't cost so much money,or online business.In this way they have a self-confidence,and it will prevent betrayed wife.

I'm looking forward to read more your stories.God bless you!



Lisa Alfano
Dec 14, 2015
Dec 14, 2015

Thank you Ushree for sharing your story by introducing to us your work and desire to use digital media as one key method to address issues women and girls face. World Pulse is a fantastic community where you can connect with women from around the globe doing same or similar, or completely different, work as yourself. Have you connected with someone that is also part of the World Pulse community with whom you've been able to share both of your stories and help each other with support? Digital media is one of the key ways, as you've outlined, that will help women become empowered to leave unsafe situations, or to gain the courage to branch out to areas that will help make their lives more livable and sustainable.

In the United States, at least in the Pacific Northwest where I live, access to housing is the number one factor in getting women out of domestic violent situations. The digital media world provides a tool for women (through agencies they work with, or doing the work themselves) to find such housing and to make connections that they would not have otherwise made had it not been for the digital world. You made the distinction about poor uneducated women having the opportunity to use digital media by going to cyber cafes in India. What has been your experience, through direct service or by research, with how this population of women gain the skill sets needed, and the transportation means to get to a cyber cafe, been?

I am very curious to hear more about your expereinces and look forward to reading more of your World Pulse entries. Thank you again so very much for the important work that you do.