Valéria Barbosa
Posted November 10, 2016 from Brazil

I worked for 22 years in an NGO that cared for children and the elderly. For some time I observed the interference of the elderly in the daily life of the program and I noticed that the children learned from them old songs, popular jokes and the vocabulary brought memories of the elderly in the reading wheels.

I was able to promote some activities where the elderly and children could get together and exchange knowledge. These meetings took place in capoeira classes, choral singing, plastic arts, reading stories and presentations for families.

Always respecting the age groups so as not to make children adult or infantilize the elderly.

I sought in my memory who besides my family and schools had importance in my training as a person, as a leader, a woman of decision. I discovered Eleven special people that I admired, watched and kept what I learned, to use in the future.

One I wrote a book about the lives of these people. The Great Master Guardians of the City of God - Fates of destiny. of them was Mrs. Benta Neves do Nascimento.

I wrote a book about the lives of these people. The Great Master Guardians of the City of God - Fates of destiny.

A strong woman, her voice low, firm in her decisions, and she knew how to listen. Many women came looking for advice because they knew of their social entrepreneurial value. These women leave different from their home, with more hopes and alternatives for development. What do you mean, Valeria?

She said that woman should seek her autonomy by studying and working. No matter how much a woman experiences difficulty in life if she has the taste for autonomy, she rises and begins to tread her path.

Benedict had a humble home in the favela of Cidade de Deus and there he hosted women in sewing, silk screen, digital literacy, entrepreneurship courses, as well as attentive ears, helping hands and knowledge of local resources.

Benta Neves do Nascimento until her 83 years served the community of Cidade de Deus supporting women, bringing to their project to participate women in different phases of life.

I am grateful to Mme. Benta for everything I learned from her and for being my friend and teacher.

This story was submitted in response to Wisdom at Every Age.

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Jensine Larsen
Nov 10, 2016
Nov 10, 2016

Obragada for your words!  What an incredible woman Mme. Benta, you have honored her with your pen.  

Oh my sister, Now we have two things in common that begin with the letter "T".  Foro Trump!

Valéria Barbosa
Nov 11, 2016
Nov 11, 2016

Dear Jensine, in fact we have two things in common, although I realize three. We like working with people.

The world is going through a great deal of perception of development, posture with minorities, disrespect of people and laws. Differences of opinion had more diversities that made possible a reflection and an individual positioning.

Today I realize that it seems that we live in two distinct worlds and not in a diverse world.

The choices of votes are fraught with fear of misery, who has more, who has a little more wants and who can not establish himself is renegade, is expelled, is violated in his rights.

Violated all the time when he is curtailed the right to health, housing, education, public safety among other rights that preserve life.

Fear is indeed scary, now you are thinking of bringing military force into the educational process.

Trump from what I have seen shows a disrespect for women, refugees ... Both have something in common are driven by power. They are devoid of compassion and work with the deterministic reason of maintaining power and not in giving conditions to the majority of living well.

Thinking that: for years I worked in the favela, I lived in favelas and there most of them are honest people, the minority known as bandit, does not own a third of what some politicians who still in power stole from the public coffers. The difference is in the treatment.

For the bandit of the favela chains overcrowded, inhuman life strengthening the hatred and adding to the character more marginal ills and to the so-called bandits of white collar differentiated treatment.

If, in fact, these corrupt politicians who stifled our understanding, who fomented with their behavior a false notion of impunity, made these marginal people to return everything they stole from the public coffers, we would have an improvement in the scenario of hope, To reconstruct the notion of patriotism. The judiciary has been doing its work, but even this one suffers with our discredit.

However, in the case of the USA, Trump was placed by the vote, especially the delegates. Now it is investing in the change of this law that privileges delegates instead of the popular vote.

In Brazil the possession of Temer took place in an orchestrated way, I sometimes think: that I should change the law of my country, if the President misses EVERYONE should go out together, because they erred together. Today we have a President who is being tolerated.

I sincerely hope that these two discredited people will make a good government and lend us political credibility.