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Valéria Barbosa
Posted March 27, 2020 from Brazil
 I am one of the ambassadors of World Pulse
Graciele Perez looking for her family. 2020
Graciele Perez looking for her family. 2020: Graciele Perez looking for her family, her daughter, three nephews and a brother. (1/3)

Technology gives us flexibility. An article made in 2016, revised, translated and posted in 2020, can be modified by curiosity and the use of equipment and the internet. How?

I did a story yesterday about dear Mexican companion Graciela Peres. She created an Organization in Mexico for the implantation of a piece of DNA to research the bodies found of missing persons in Mexico. For this article I used a pocket recorder in 2016, just yesterday 26/003/2020, it was done due to the difficulty of finding someone to do the translation from Spanish to Portuguese. I interviewed her and I understand everything she said to me, but out of respect for her speech, I didn't want to write the text without the necessary technique. I asked for help via Whatsapp to my friend Adriana Kaíros, who lives in the favela da Maré and immediately did it.

While she was translating I searched my card for that day and found it getting the IDD of Mexico over the internet, adding Graciela's phone number and getting in touch with her and everything with a phone, via Whatsapp.

The material used on the card has already changed and even so this resource helped me to find it by having written the pen number of Graciela Perez.

He remembered me and we were happy that after these long three years and six months we met again, but Graciela Perez's pain at the loss of not finding answers about the bodies of her family cries in her actions and cries in her feelings.

We were able to talk and update Graziela's actions. Wishing she could reach her goal.


Valéria Barbosa -: Hugs sister. I have never forgotten it, I always ask the Virgin of Guadalupe to give her strength. Hugs.

Did you manage to make your family's DNA?

GRACIELA PEREZ: I'm still looking for them.

GRACIELA PEREZ: Thousands are missing

GRACIELA PEREZ: I followed that forced march, but I couldn't continue and I was alone in the field search.

Valéria Barbosa: And the Forensic Science Organization, are you still part of it?

GRACIELA PEREZ: Forensic science did not belong to anyone, we formed several groups of families to collect DNA samples from families with missing people, but that gave guidelines for us to install ourselves in the search engines ... since DNA remains a means identification. Now, at the national level, we are promoting the creation of an Extraordinary Forensic Identification Mechanism that we are creating only with the government, although it is very slow

I named my group after my daughter Milynali Red.

GRACIELA PEREZ: This has just been achieved by several groups of families, we struggled to find them.

GRACIELA PEREZ: We just created our own protocol for finding citizens on extermination sites

GRACIELA PEREZ: I was greatly helped by an award I received for the human rights of Tulipan in the Netherlands. Although he only helped me for a year, he laid the groundwork and now we must continue

Valéria Barbosa: Tomorrow I will put these stories that you sent me in the story. If you remember more facts and want me to put you here, let me do it. The video will need to be published on YouTube before you can publish it on the WordPulse platform.

 Good evening. I'm going to sleep. I woke up very early to face the queue and get a flu shot. I'm quarantined at home. Today leaves after 12 days. Very sad for the world situation due to the Corona virus. Here, the President wants everything to return to normal due to the country's economy. If this happens due to great political pressure, I don't know how to be?

GRACIELA PEREZ Just like we are isolated. But the president still downplays him.


Valéria Barbosa: Yes, I'm going to rest, I already posted the video on YouTube. Happy to see you again and talk to you around here. Hugs dear. Health. Take care.


Valéria Barbosa Blessings for us and for the world.

This way we saw that just click to find a friend on the other side and bring him very close to the heart. In this moment of so much pain in the world, where a virus puts in check the attitude of managers in thinking about emergency life vs. life x economy, Graciela Perez with her tireless action shows us that: Life is worth a lot and even when it is taken from the family your search is eternal.

Gratitude to Gracila for the generosity to share her story and to the Google Translate that gives me the opportunity to tell you how much I love them.

Take care if your life is worth a lot to yours.

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Jill Langhus
Mar 28, 2020
Mar 28, 2020

Hi Valeria,

How are you doing today? Thanks for sharing your update, photos and video of Graciela's story, work and mission. Very inspiring.

Did you mean to submit this for the current #SheTransformsTech story call? This is the link, if you would like to submit it:

Hope you and your family are safe and well.

Anita Shrestha
Mar 29, 2020
Mar 29, 2020

Great shring

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Apr 17, 2020
Apr 17, 2020

Hi Valeria,
Thank you so much for sharing your story about this interview. I pray that you and your family are staying safe and staying home.
Have a blessed weekend.

Apr 20, 2020
Apr 20, 2020

Hello Beautiful Sister,
Thank you so much for sharing. We love you so much.

Fabiola Estrada
Apr 21, 2020
Apr 21, 2020

Hola Valeria, thanks for sharing. Stay safe.