I live 24 hours of initiatives.

Valéria Barbosa
Posted April 1, 2020 from Brazil

We live in the world a great tragedy due to a virus - Corona virus (Covid 19), a virus that removes stories from life, years of work that takes loved ones, destabilizes the economy of the country, the world and gives us the certainty of the importance of being connected shows us that connection is our greatest tool to survive this world tragedy. People are called upon to contribute with online or face-to-face campaigns, scientific discoveries are strengthened by online exchanges, the world moves virtually even though everyone is under pressure from the need for physical isolation.

I am in quarantine, I am 62 years old and I have pathologies that put me in a vulnerable situation, at risk. I am a woman of being in places, inside the favela, acting, putting my hand in action and involving people in a brotherly embrace, but now I can't, I need to survive! The space that always contributes for 47 years, Cidade de Deus, a favela with 80 thousand inhabitants, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has people who are at the forefront of actions and this comforts me, what can I do to minimize their pain people at this point?

How to live this moment being useful for people and for me?

My initiative started out timid. I talked to a friend who lives in Germany about a friend unable to work because of the pandemic paralysis; this friend is autonomous, with her bills to pay, needing to feed, sent me an audio telling about her financial needs and i was unable to help her financially. Another friend living in Germany contacted me to find out about the situation in Cidade de Deus and my family. I told her that I was worried about this person living in Santa Teresa, another neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. At the time my friend from Germany asked for the details of Santa Teresa's friend, the contact and made a financial deposit in her account. A problem solved by the message. After this, my friend started a bigger job with her friends in Germany and contacted me to be a bridge in financial donations for the people of Cidade de Deus. I didn't want to, because I'm unable to leave and I couldn't do this job, I suggested that the donation be directed to an Institution and I sent her a contact and she is already organizing herself to give this help to the families of this Institution.


I discovered that having time and having mobility barriers can be instruments of work at home, just having discipline, a desire to contribute and opening up to the new.

I did not plan the initiatives are happening, there are several since last month in celebration of International Women's Day.

The women I indicated to visit World Pulse were invited by whatsapp and people to meet via faceboock.

I have been making videos using my music, with footage or photos I took, reciting my poems, guiding people and bringing affection, solidarity and empathy.

I'm closer to the world. I have wings on the internet to speak, to compose (At the moment I received 6 melodies from my partner Yta Moreno who lives in Austria for me to put the lyrics on), I also participated in an online party of women leaders in Brazil that I didn't know, I met yesterday at live call.

However, perhaps the most painful initiative is the commitment to the voices that I was presented with by the World Pulse opportunity in September 2016 when I was at the 13th AWID International Forum on Costa do Sauipe in Salvador-Bahia Brazil, where three women offered to give me an interview. One from Mexico, one from Nicaragua and one from Honduras, as well as three Brazilians. They had been waiting for almost 4 years for a necessary translation, I tried to do it by asking other women but, unsuccessfully, I also tried to download an application that transformed audio into voice and because of the tools I have, I couldn't, until, I remembered from a friend who lives in the Maré complex, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil slum, and she did the first translation that was the story of Graciela Perez.

When I heard the story I started crying again and as I would like to be together to embrace Graciela and solidify the pain of comrade Graciela, I decided to try the contact and I managed to continue the matter, the next day and approach with compassion.

I am working on the other subjects and soon I will share them. Here I learned the importance of saving files, valuing our actions, we may need in the future of our work.

So dear friends and sisters of World Pulse, I discover every day that using technology with awareness allows us to approach issues that are sometimes of extreme risk and that we need to protect ourselves and those who are there in the field by carrying out the actions that we guide.

I can be and am an advocate for this woman Graciela Perez I can contribute by publicizing her struggle for her to operationalize her DNA database more and more and help thousands of people find their missing family members.

I can without financial resources or have to make basic baskets to be in the front line of the field actions, helping to reach the inputs in the places where my feet are not able to walk at the moment and with just one click for having knowledge of people. I can bring encouragement, affection, love to hearts with my music in the videos, I can use my network to say: look together we are stronger.

The people of my country live in a delicate moment where the President of the Republic has no sensitivity for human issues and is lost in words, where prioritizing the country's economy is his main theme, but the people, because of the words he professes he is already articulating himself in the nets, in the windows hitting pots and showing all discontent with the positioning of a manager, he is shouting that the dead person has no debt and that it is necessary to fight for life.

It is necessary to value life! In this way, we are managing to mobilize people to add opinions to stay at home and protect themselves from the Corana virus pandemic.

Dear ones, we are not dealing with an initiative, life is done from second to 24:00 and during all this time we need to be attentive, willing to stay alive and allow the other to live. So far are my shy initiatives, in a few minutes I can have others. I am open to move my heart's voice in the world.

The word has strength! The word makes us strong! The word guarantees us rights! We just need to be careful and know how to use them. The word brought me into the world!


Take care love you.

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Apr 02, 2020
Apr 02, 2020

Valeria Hi :) This is a good initiative. I do like your video introducing yourselves and living with 24 hours of initiatives. Yey viver uma vida

Metiege Noel Eve
Apr 03, 2020
Apr 03, 2020

Thanks for sharing sis. We are all in the same boat I am also a high risk person at 47 surviving with HBP, Diabetes and worst of all a left side stroke. I just pray GOD sees me through this

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Apr 05, 2020
Apr 05, 2020

Hello, dear Valeria,

Thank you for sharing your insightful message to us. Yes, let us value life and let us use technology to connect with each other. Please stay safe always. :)

Jul 13, 2020
Jul 13, 2020

Great job, you are doing. Awesome

Anita Shrestha
Jul 15, 2020
Jul 15, 2020

Thank you for sharing