Moment of seclusion is time for action. Soiree at Slum

Valéria Barbosa
Posted May 1, 2020 from Brazil
 Along with poets.
Along with poets.: So I started to recite poetry, on the street, together with the people in front of an occupation. (1/3)

Dear sisters in these days so full of sadness, where familiar faces leave the scene, without saying goodbye, and we remain without embracing those who cry with our arms. Moments where a room turns into wings, wheels and we can travel, beyond our neighborhood. It is art that makes this dressing possible in the soul and allows us in the midst of so much pain to see the beauty of people's talent.

Soiree na Slum is making history. It is leaving my neighborhood, embracing Rio de Janeiro, going like flowers along the way and reaching other states and countries, and I work hard. Putting videos together, talking like the artists, making various edits. Observing sounds that were mixed with the daily life and that are now free from us, they do not fear viruses and are able to appear in the air with the diversity of their songs. It's sisters. I wake up early to hear and record the birdsong to make a soundtrack of some poetry recitations. My old machine stopped working, I bought another one and I already started making masks, today I started distributing the first ones, I got fabric to do more just like I get videos all the time. We are entering the houses with poetry, with music, with protection. These last two videos and I didn't translate them for lack of time. I already have videos saved for other soirees. I am very sad about the situation of the dumb and very happy to be bringing together talented people, to be part of a time of several people. Gratitude for everything I learn and learned here. Fraternal hugs and I love you.

At first it was just a poetry soiree, today it goes further, there are singers, composers, plastic artists, artisans ... But, what the poets liked was to see their poems translated. I think that the translation of a poem does not always manage to take the true content that the poet wants to pass on, but now I will try to continue translating the Saraus. I discovered that to write poetry is to take doses of medicine to maintain mental health and bring relief to people's pain.


Our soiree is already being quoted on blogs. Sunday I will be part of a live. My life is free because I am alive and safe at home

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Jill Langhus
May 02, 2020
May 02, 2020

Hello Valéria,

How are you doing, dear? How is the situation in your country, and hometown now? I hope it's improving. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely update. It's sounds like you're making quite a big impact with your poetry and new endeavor. Good luck with you live engagement tomorrow:-)

Hope you have a good weekend, dear.


Valéria Barbosa
May 02, 2020
May 02, 2020

Hi my sister jlanghus - Hugs.

The situation in my country is dramatic. We have a president who does not respect life, promotes demonstrations, goes out into the street and goes to public places without masks, holds hands for people, belittles the devastation that this virus is causing for people.
He is self-centered and changes Minister as if he changes clothes, just Minister does not agree with his line of thought, if he thinks he is all powerful. Sad and frightening is this situation of disparaging the Constitution of the country where life is the main thing.
Hospitals are in chaos with no infrastructure to accommodate the sick. There is a waiting list for hundreds of people to use respirators, deaths are growing at such a rate that hospitals have several bodies in their morgues, refrigerated containers are outside the hospitals to absorb the demand of the dead.
In the cemeteries there are countless constructions of tombstones to hold the dead. A terror.
Campaign hospitals are being installed, however, there are not enough health staff and no equipment.
The situation is frightening, every day a dead person has a known face and stops being a number to be known tears and deep pain. It is unfortunate to see the people dying, it is terrible to see that the country does not have the logistics to offer basic resources to the unemployed and unable to work. They created a financial resource, but the queues at the bank's doors are immense, people very close to each other and going over and over to solve the same problem putting themselves at risk.
And sister. We don't have a President here, we have a resentful man in power. Who thinks that people who die is not his problem belongs to the gravedigger, and speaking of gravediggers, these professionals are already scarce having cases of families burying theirs in order not to wait.
There is a frightening number of health professionals dying because of becoming infected in the exercise of their work, there is not enough equipment for them and they end up reusing masks and aprons, which endanger the lives of professionals and patients.
They already have a protocol that punctuates their chances of living and started using it the more points a person has, the less chances they have, it is no longer a priority in the use of devices.
I have contributed in the way that I can by paying that professional who attended me and who at the moment cannot because of the Pandemic, donating food to those I know who need is very little, but necessary.

Neighbors have already died, friends are dying, in the family thank God my brother was discharged.
The peak of the disease is approaching in these two weeks that are coming according to the news.
I try not to see the news and spend my hours developing actions that can minimize this pain, Sarau na Slum is one of them.
I bought a sewing machine and started making masks, I am giving it to my family, and now I have won more fabrics and will be able to donate.
I can't leave the house because I'm elderly, diabetic, hypertensive and obese and I know if I get sick I won't have a chance to live, because between me and a young person the device will go to this one.
Living with a lot of fear, with a lot of faith, with a lot of hope and living with a lot of awareness that we need to contribute.
I am asking the spiritual force that governs our planet to intercede and give a light to scientists to discover the vaccine to fight Covid 19 and asking for strength for families that are suffering mourning. I fight this that daily I become aware and try to send my fraternal hug and a word of consolation using social networks.
Also daily when I open my eyes and look around me at the blessings of having my life and those of my closest ones I thank you, I thank you for the professionals who are on the front lines in hospitals, markets, police, I thank God for the gift of life.

May 03, 2020
May 03, 2020

Hello Gorgeous ,
Thank you for sharing.

Metiege Noel Eve
May 03, 2020
May 03, 2020

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos

Anita Shrestha
May 03, 2020
May 03, 2020

Thank you for sharing

Tamarack Verrall
May 03, 2020
May 03, 2020

My dear sister Valeria,
"I discovered that to write poetry is to take doses of medicine". I have been following the beautiful poetry that you have been making available to us all, and love the words and the community spirit that you have brought forward for us all to get to know you and your community. With these, I loved the additions of the dance, the music, the young people learning from you. I just now read too, the horrific news of the havoc that the pandemic is causing in your community, and with the leadership with no heart. I send my love and hopes that it will soon leave, and that through this we can somehow collectively create the world that so many of us dream to make happen, a world in which everyone is cherished, and governments work for the people. Please consider putting the news you sent here responding to Jill, into a post for the whole community to see and know. At least we can send our love and work together through this to a different world in which everyone is respected and cared for.
Love in sisterhood,

May 12, 2020
May 12, 2020

Hello Valeria,

Your work is incredible! Through you poetry and music, you are bringing, love, hope, encouragement and healing to a grieved and grieving community.

Making and distributing masks is testimony to your love and concern for the good of your community.

I pray that you keep safe and healthy so that the work that you have started does not stop.
Keep it up.

Laetitia Shindano
May 14, 2020
May 14, 2020

Bonjour Valeria,
Merci pour nous décrire comment tu passes ton confinement en ce temps de la pandémie du Corona Virus . Ton souci pour ta communauté est vraiment louable. Continues sur ce chemin malgré les obstacles.


May 15, 2020
May 15, 2020

Dear Valeria,
Thank you for sharing these updates and wonderful collections of music and art. Poetry and music can transcend the language barriers and connect us even more.

May 15, 2020
May 15, 2020

Thanks for sharing, really sad to hear that. However glad to hear your faith and hope in God. Yes we need to pray earnestly for His healing and vaccination available sooner. Stay safe, healthy, hopeful and faithful!