Changing Women's Mindsets through technology

Posted March 30, 2020 from India

I am Dr Veena Adige(Ph.D), a journalist and author of six books and six ebooks. I live in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Middleaged women of my community(Gowda Saraswat Brahmins) are conservative even if they are working women. I was in Nagpur for 24 years and came to Navi Mumbai after that. Nine years ago I saw that there were several women whose children had grown up and they had  a lot of time on their hands. Along with others I started Vsisters, a group of like minded women. My basic idea was to give chance for women to develop themselves and let their innermost talents surface as I strongly believe that each one of us has a certain talent waiting to be recognised and given a chance to surface. We have had several programs(about six to eight per year) where we hold contests, discussions, talks, exhibitions etc. We enjoy laugh and are bubbling with enthusiasm.The women were not too savvy with mobiles, whatsup, internet and the like. We(it is a democratic group having no office bearers, anyone can come forward to present her ideas) send messages through whatsup, emails and the like. Earlier the 70 odd members did not know how to operate but we taught them. Now we even have teleconferences regarding important issues and also group mantra chanting (to ward off the evil effects of coronavirus) and others. Our ladies who were shy and introverts, who had never gone on stage before, performed dramas in other cities like Mangalore, Baroda, Ahmedabad. Mothers of teenaged girls came forward to dance on the stage. We have instituted awards for deserving members, given financial aid to girls from the weaker section of our society and implemented useful projects like making cloth bags when plastic bags were first banned. Our members are active, hard working, talented and always ready for innovative ideas. Hats off to Vsisters.

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Tumanjong Miranda
Mar 31
Mar 31

Hello Dr. Veena,
Great work you are doing there in your community. Women really need to be taught on how to use technology to transform their lives.
I really appreciate the fact that you bring out the hidden talents in women.
That's so amazing.
Tganks for changing lives.
Hope you're doing ok.

Hello, Dr. Veena,

You are doing important work. Thank you for applying for the Featured Changemaker program. Hoping for the best for you!