Living In Poverty for 27 years and still over coming Challenges.

Veron Danice Underhill
Posted October 9, 2020 from Jamaica
Break Poverty by going for your dreams
Break Poverty by going for your dreams: Ending Poverty (1/2)

I am a strong Black Youth .

Single parent of 3 kids.

Everyday I wake up I have to ask God for strength . 

To give me wisdom and understanding how to deal with people each day. 

Get my kids ready for school then off to my job which is self employment and volunteerism .  Just to be alive I feel so bless. 

Dispite my challenges I'm still optimistic about the future.

Never give up on your dreams it alone can break proverty.

This story was submitted in response to My Voice, Our Equal Future.

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Tamarack Verrall
Oct 09
Oct 09

Hi Veron,
Welcome to World Pulse! Your story here says a lot about your life, your strength and your determination. I love the messages you carry for yourself, that you have shared with us all. Optimism is powerful, and yours shows so strongly in your words: "Never give up on your dreams it alone can break poverty". We are here together to create a world with no violence, no injustice, no poverty.

Thank you

Stacie Dickson
Oct 09
Oct 09

You are a strong women and your children are so blessed to have you as a mother !

Thank you I really needed to hear that .

Nini Mappo
Oct 09
Oct 09

Hello Denise,
Welcome to World Pulse, and congratulations on your first post. I like how in your optimism and dependence on God, in your refusing to give up and pushing on in spite of challenges, in taking on the joy and challenge of parenting as a single mum without complaining or self doubt, you are building resilience and strength, in yourself and your children. Wisdom to live is a great wealth too, and your story reveals that you possess that in good measure, which you are passing on to you lovelies as they'll need it to chart new pathways in a changing world.
Good on you girl:)
Stay anchored in God's grace.


Oct 10
Oct 10

Hi Veron,

You don't look like all you've been through at all. Your look awesome in your profile picture. :)

A warm welcome to the World Pulse family and congratulations on sharing your first post. This is where you belong and the place to be indeed.

Meanwhile, you've got this. I love your optimism. Tough times never last, but tough people surely do. Keep remaining strong and giving back through volunteerism. Thank you for reminding us that the future is bright and we must never give up.

We would love to read more from you.

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Love and hugs thank you

Oct 11
Oct 11

Hello sister Veron,
" Never give up on your dreams ,it alone can break poverty " such positivity !

You are a strong woman and I love your optimism about the future .

Being a single parent can be very challenging , but I see you rising above all with God on your side .
Keep being strong dear sister .

Love you .

Eshe williams
Oct 11
Oct 11

Hi veron hold on pain ends i havent been suffering as long as you but i can relate being un employed with children is the hardest thing a mother has to go through but hey who feels it knows it i am in antigua private message me if you see this