''Empowering the Girls''

Neelam Rana
Posted August 29, 2020 from Pakistan


         Hy, I’m Ms. Neelam Rana, CEO; Vital Grammar School (VGS).

Description of Organizational/Welfare School:

                     VGS is situated in marginalized area of city Hafizabad-Punjab-Pakistan, is an elementary school, established on March 2015 & is registered with Punjab Education Department (Registration No.1037/RDE, dated 12-04-2018). VGS is a community based small non-profit organizational school. The main objectives of school are to provide fully Free Education to all the children of community. There are 100+ students (boys & girls) enrolled in this school having total 09 staff members. The school building is personal / own and is double story. The funding sources of VGS are as (1) Friends & Family helps (2) Personal saving .There is no any other sources funding.

Project Descriptions:

Now after the free schooling to all the pupils of community, VGS is going to start the new Project as: ‘’Empowering the Girls’’ (from 15 September 2020) so that they can get high quality education till completion.

To empowering the girls, VGS has planned to give free

  • Text Books
  • Notes Books
  • Uniform
  • Shoes
  • School Bag
  • whole year stationery

 to each girl. So, ‘’empowering the girls is empowering the society, of course country will progress too’’.

Project Mission:

  • VGS want to empower the girls to receive the same opportunities as boys.
  • VGS encourage their parent to go continue their education till completion.
  • VGS will pay special care to girls, if they need it.
  • VGS is looking forward more program & initiatives for empowering the girls.

Why VGS going to start project?

According to VGS, girls are particularly vulnerable when school remains closed for long period of time. There is fear that a large number of girls, especially from the lower strata of society, may not return to school after the COVID-19 passes.

‘’We’II need to do more than simply reopen classrooms to make it possible for the poorest and most marginalized girls to return to school’’.

Vital Grammar School is taking the following five steps to ensure marginalized girls, alongside boys, can continue their education.

  • Address financial barriers that prevent girls from going to school and that are likely to increase as a result of economic impact of COVID-19.
  • Scale up gender-response distance education to reach the most marginalized girls.
  • Intensify community mobilization and support for girl’s education, including for those who were out of school before the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Prioritize girls’ safety and protection.
  • Ensure meaningful participation for adolescent girls.

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Honorine Ngenwi
Aug 29
Aug 29

Hi Mrs Heel, that's a very good job you are doing for the community. We should keep on praying for the world because with this pandemic, the level of education will be so low since only the rich are able to study on line, the poor, the needy, the vulnerable are not able to. So there will be disaster. I give all the glory and honour to what you are doing and thank you for raising your voice of empowering the girls and building them.
May the good Lord continue to strengthen you in Jesus name Amen.
Thanks love you

Nini Mappo
Aug 30
Aug 30

Hello Neelam,
I am inspired by you vision and your commitment to girls in your community. You give them not just an education but self esteem, self awareness and an ability to dream.

Good on you and all my best wishes as you gather the resources you need so that you can upscale your education space.

Hello, Ms. Neelam,
This is such a noble endeavor: a community-based non-profit organizational school. It’s like what Sister Zeph of Pakistan is doing.
‘’We’II need to do more than simply reopen classrooms to make it possible for the poorest and most marginalized girls to return to school’’. Thank you so much for your commitment to put girls to school. May you have donors to support your important work.

Please keep us updated!

Neelam Rana
Aug 31
Aug 31

Very thanks my sweet Karen Quinones Axalan,
I am very happy to here from you by taking your kind and lovely appreciation. Now I am fully committed in educating the girls as fully free education. In above picture I give the whole year stationery and money packet to these girls who participated in rainbow drawing competition. These two sisters won the competition by making rainbow, you know
Girls’ Education is very important because educating a girl is like educating a generation.
There are many hindrances for girls when it comes to Education. One of the barriers is Long Distance to School. Parents are not willing to send their girls to schools that cover long distance. It also has increased chances of violence and harassment.
You asked about donor, I have no any donor except my husband, he always supports me. I am very happy to tell you that I have denoted my residence to this school for free schooling to each girl from grade 1 to 8.
So thank you again
Best Regard Neelam

You're welcome, dear sister,

My siblings and I have this dream of putting up a small school someday, too, but it takes a lot of money to do that.

Wow, thanks for explaining the photos to us. It's lovely that you have young artists there. So generous of you to give them lots of award! That can really be motivating.

It's sad that girls face threats when going to school. Thank you for providing a solution to their right to education.

Wow, you and your husband must really be wealthy. Imagine, free schooling from grade 1 to 8. What a great opportunity for your chosen students to change their lives and have a better future. Please keep on posting updates. I would love to read more from you!

Sep 25
Sep 25

Good initiative. Good luck

Sep 25
Sep 25

Dear Neelam,
This is quite a great initiative for the girls and as you have rightly put it "empowering the girls is empowering the society". These are the future leaders in a few years to come and so what you are doing is commendable!