''Empowering the Girls''

Neelam Rana
Posted August 30, 2020 from Pakistan

An educated woman invests maximum of her earnings into her family and community. Her Education determines her role as a mother and as a responsible citizen of the community. She is more likely to send her children to school and excel in Education for leading a prosperous life. Girls’ Education is very important because educating a girl is like educating a generation.


There are many hindrances for girls when it comes to Education. One of the barriers is Long Distance to School. Parents are not willing to send their girls to schools that cover long distance. It also has increased chances of violence and harassment.



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Aug 30
Aug 30

Agreed..educating a girl is like educating a generation. She’s the one who willing sacrifice and working hard for the family

Aug 30
Aug 30

dear VGS
Once empowered a girl child has freed her from the bonds of nature, traditions and customs.
empowered a girl child has freed her from the bonds of nature, traditions and customs

Hello, Neelam,

It has been identified that educating girls is among the top ten solutions to global warming. When girls are educated, they make better decisions for their future, including marriage and family planning. Thank you for caring enough to bring girls to school. This is truly an important work, because you are not just raising future leaders, you are also bringing impact to the families they create, and their children's children. This is a sustainable endeavor, dear. Please keep it up!

Nini Mappo
Sep 01
Sep 01

Very true that educated girls make educated mothers raising educated children that keep growing that education.
Your school is such good news for girls in your community.