The plight of forgotten radicalized and delinquent youths in prisons and on the streets who have a very bright future if transformed to morally upright and development partners

Lumnuie Ambe Victorine
Posted April 19, 2021 from Cameroon
Therapeutic camping program for youths in the Anglophone region
Providing psycho-social, therapeutic and one-on-one counselling opportunities for youths with behavioural, emotional and psychological challenges

I stand the gap of a group of youths, youths in prisons and on the streets due to delinquent and radical behaviours. I look at the long life ahead of these young people who have been abandoned and stand the gap for them for their transformation into morally upright citizens, peer educators and development partners. Millions are at risk of joining them in this attitude and if interventions are not put in place, the world and their world will become chaotic and disastrous.

The ongoing Anglophone Cameroon crises has led to school dropouts, the radicalization of youths, high crime waves and  worst of all, fear in the communities due to these group of youths. Any development that does not consider their wellbeing is at risk to fail. For effective development at all dimensions, this group of youths must be included and they cannot be effectively included without moral transformation through psycho-social counselling and therapies which my organisation's (Cornerstone Enrichment Services -CES) services offer.

Standing the gap for these youths will go a long way to positively impact the lives of these youths themselves, their peers, families and the community at large which will live without fear. Transforming these youths especially in the Anglophone Cameroon context is very primordial for any peace, economic and social development ventures. 

A post pandemic future will be best when the challenges of this group of youths are well addressed because youths make the highest population of every community.  

This story was submitted in response to #ShoutYourVision.

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Regina Afanwi Young
Apr 20
Apr 20

Hello dear Victorine, thanks so much for your great write up. Good job on the marvelous work you do with this vulnerable population. I can attest to it and the impact it brings and will continue to bring in out communities.
We hope to read more about the work you do in our communities. It has always been a pleasure collaborating with you in some of our activities. Keep keeping up dear sis.
Hugs and love****

Thank you very my dear sister Regina. We pray for Grace to keep touching lives. Lots of love

Beth Lacey
Apr 20
Apr 20

Helping youths in this critical time of their lives is essential

Thank you my dear sister sister Beth Lacey . You are right because in the future, we will have to look up to them with lots of expectations.

Apr 21
Apr 21

bon courage ma sœur pour l'initiative et être la bénédiction de ton payes

Grand merci ma cher soeur

Nini Mappo
Apr 21
Apr 21

Dear Victorine,
You have a great vision, and a compassionate heart. You have a wholistic approach to community healing/restoration and this is so wonderful to read of your work. More power to you and to these future leaders who are so fortunate to have come under your care.

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words my dear sister Nini Mappo. We are asking for more Grace from God to be able to do the work. Every blessing my dear sister...

Josephine Alain
Apr 21
Apr 21

Good job dear

Thank you very much my dear sister

Apr 30
Apr 30

Your organization is doing critical work - the future of our world depends on our attention to youth, particularly troubled youths. I love that these kids are getting this help and not being given up on. They do have a future ahead of them that is wide open with opportunity. Keep up the great encouraging work to lead these kids out of trouble and into productive lives!

Thank you very much for the kind words and the encouragement my dear sister. This group of young people shouldn't be neglected.