Young and Thirsty

Victoria Green
Posted May 12, 2010 from Italy

What? ---- Water!

What, what??? - Water!!

Whaaaaaaaat??? W A T E R!

Where? --- In Stefanesti!

Where? --- In Stefanesti!!

Wheeeee - e - e - re? In Stefanesti...

Where is that? -- In Moldova?


You don't know? --- In Moldova???

Where - where?? In MOLDOVA... M O L D O V A ! ! !

Why? - Because "30 Days for Water" ....

A stunning surprising role play, of young activists from Stefanesti, Republic of Moldova, expressing the need for water. Please follow the link!

The group 30 Days for Water has been created to share this issue and receive feedback from the worldwide community. If you have a common issue or story to share with us, this is the perfect place to do so. Join us now:

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