Show must go on or how to make people speak for themselves?

Victoria Green
Posted October 28, 2015 from Italy
Show must go on:
Women of Moldova after a day of harvest

A group of peasants from the Republic of Moldova promote Moldovan fruits, singing in English the song"Show must go on"by the famous band - Queen.

In just few days the video accumulated almost 600,000 views on youtube. This spot brings out the story of the agricultural country with great ecological products that cannot sell what it has, since the political ban to export fruits."

Over 50 people, none of them English speakers, from six villages near Chisinau - the city capital, have participated in filming the spot which lasted four days.

"It was a little complicated to do this spot. I went from one community house to another, in several villages, because that's what we wanted most. We wanted people in the spot to be as authentic as possible, be residents of the country, but also people with some artistic qualities", tells stage director, Viorel Mardare." Filming lasted from dawn until sunset. I had a shooting night in a very fast pace. "

Filming wasn't easy, as peasants were concerned about agricultural work and many would show up late for filming. However, the message of this spot is a little sad. "While adapting images, we concluded that Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of British band Queen was singing about the harsh realities. In fact, what is seen in the frame is doubled by the singing peasants. For some women from villages, over 60 years, rock music is a little stressful. Eventually people were so sympathetic that have easily accepted this challenge."

"Each performer had a specific verse, having a few more days to learn with grandchildren or children. I was more surprised that the ladyes past 80 years have quickly caught the lyrics in English."

The spot promoting Moldovan fruits includes images were the machines destroy Moldovan apples. The stage director used these pictures to sensitize people, because through song you can not say everything about the situation.

The authors have proposed that the new video becomes viral outside the country. "I have a clear awareness of the fact that the message of our country was heard, both in the West and the East. I think it is a step forward for us. 90% of the success of this video spot is due to people who were participating in the filming", said the stage director.

Previously, the team created asimilar videoshowcasing the need to sustain the local agriculture by purchasing local grown fruits.

The spot promoting Moldovan fruits is showcased as part of the competitive agriculture project in Moldova, funded by the World Bank.

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Oct 29, 2015
Oct 29, 2015

Thank you Victoria for this post. I love that the women devoted their time to do this, and they were able to sing English words without knowing the language!

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