Why #Hashtags Matter #######

Victoria Green
Posted November 4, 2015 from Italy
What do you think? Do you use hashtags in your marketing? What campaigns have been more successful?
Share your experience and thoughts in the comments.

Do you include #hashtags in your social media posts?

Want more traction from your hashtag campaigns?

Adding hashtags to your campaigns candrive engagement with fans and followers, as well as attract new and prospective customers.

In this article you will learn four ways toimprove reach and engagement with hashtags.

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Nusrat Ara
Nov 04, 2015
Nov 04, 2015

Where is the article, is there a link missing here Victoria.

Nov 05, 2015
Nov 05, 2015

I agree that hashtags are important, I do use them mainly on twitter and sometimes in my facebook. having a hashtag will help others promote the campaign and find it.

Thank you Victoria so much.

Nilima Raut
Nov 14, 2015
Nov 14, 2015

This is one of the important thing while using social media and it is mostly important to run a campaign and promote cause. Please share the article in your next post.