10 Facebook reactions regarding Environmental Disaster in Brazil

Victoria Green
Posted January 18, 2016 from Italy

Environmental Disaster in Brazil - The Worst Environmental Disaster in its History

Brazil is experiencing the worst environmental disaster in its history — and nobody’s talking about it.

November 2015, a dam at an iron ore mine burst into the doce river. toxic mud poisoned with arsenic and mercury flooded the river and land over two states.

Reactions on facebook:

1.Jaw. dropping. Not a word about this in mainstream media. That water is so toxic it has to be stored safely forever, with no known way to detoxify it. This is a cataclysmic event for the entire world. It's bad enough that they turn our water resourcesinto unusable, toxic sludge; but now they've let it get loose and allowed it to seep into the ocean. Every last cent of profit, and more, should be put into doing whatever can be done to help offset this disaster. There is no fixing it, only damage limitation. The filthy capitalists must've cut corners on the construction of the dam and in doing so they've dealt the entire world a serious environmental blow. As if the environment wasn't already in serious danger.

2.Disgusting! ! Forever happening everywhere. No regard for our planet..or any human or animal inhabitant of it. Power and greed seems to rule everywhere. .regardless of the cost of suffering. Totally shameful and unacceptable.

3.Yup still polluting mother earth with no regards for the people and the enviroment. This is sickening of how they think that money solves the problem. My ancestors were right that earth will be destroyed because of the greed. I feel so bad for the people and wildlife.frown emoticon

4.It's about time the world revolted against these ultra rich shitheads. Millions suffer, the environment suffers, all for the few who are billionaires. Why should these few billionaires control the planet while the rest suffer

5.That's coz those that let this happen loaned money to Brazil to pay for the Olympics, and World Cup , events that are so expensive that not a single modern nation can pay off in 40 years , yet they have both in space of 4 years , to secure loans , Brazil used natural resources as collateral ,,,, , problem being that millions now live on bank collateral lands PROBLEM SOLVED

6.You can not put a price on environmental catastrophe. It should be a world wide MANDATORY fix, if anything like this happens. No amount of money should even come into play when protecting the entire world!! Seems outragouse to me

7.We are talking about it. We kept talking about it for a good 1 month,we're still talking about,trying to find the guilty people,trying to help those affected. Except the international media,the media who doesn't talk about it when things happen here,the ones who forget but the sames ones are the first to put a list about our best beaches.

8.Nuclear fallout in the pacific from Japan. Toxic gas pouring out of a well in the west coast. Toxic sludge ruining Brazil's coastline. Lets not forget the Deepwater Horizon disaster that had happened some years ago. Stripping of the Earth's lungs (it'sforests) through mass deforestation. Continued emission of greenhouse gases. I will be surprised if humanity or the earth manages to pull through the next fifty to hundred years.

9.In Brazil case we need exposure, because we going nowhere. By the way, our case is not a natural flooding. But to be fair, ABC, CNN, NY times, Slate, Guardian and BBC had talked about the dam burst two months ago. Even UN had send envoys. Brazil government said the situation was under control. Brazilian press was corrupted and omissions with companies.

10.The real issue here is the mining industry which steals our land, contaminates it and then leaves it or us to clean up. There need to be international protocols that govern these outlaws. Maybe they would take adequate safety precautions and take lessrisks if there are heavy punitive damages! Seriously, one billion US dollars for the biggest mining disaster in Brazil's history? That is an insult to all the lives they have ruined and to the planet which will never be the same.

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Nusrat Ara
Jan 19, 2016
Jan 19, 2016

Thanks for sharing Victoria. Yes the real issue here is how  mining industry abuses our land and then leaves it without trying to correct what they have done.

What is more important is how on earth are they going to undo the damage they have done?