Moldova: 30 days for Water

Victoria Green
Posted May 6, 2010 from Italy

Dear friends, we initiate a great pilot project in Moldova on water improvement for regions that are in desperate need. Please join the group that is innitiated to contribute or learn from what we do. join now: It is easy, just make a click on the join Let's bring healthier water to Moldova villages through 30 days of Water Fundraising!!!

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May 06, 2010
May 06, 2010

Hi Victoria,

Thanks for sharing your project with the PulseWire community. I am excited for the 30 day journey. Water is such a crucial issue all over the world. I admire the work you are doing.

I wanted to connect you with a few other incredible women, who are raising their voices on water issues also. Dando, a woman from Zambia, wrote an powerful article about water, called "A Constant Thirst" that was published in our most recent World Pulse Magazine, Earth. Dando is an active and vocal member on PulseWire, I encourage you to connect with her. Here's the online article:

Another amazing woman, Katie Spotz went on a courageous solo rowing expedition across the Atlantic, to raise money for safe drinking water.She rowed from Africa to South America alone. Her journey was documented on PulseWire over the journey's course. I encourage you to read her story. Her story is phenomenal. Here's her profile link:

Wishing you the best on your fundraising endeavor also. Looking forward to hearing more about it!