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Preparing Global Leaders Academy

Victoria Green
Posted February 19, 2015 from Italy
Expired on April 1, 2015

Preparing Global Leaders Foundation announces the application opening of its leadership school Preparing Global Leaders Academy. Join delegates from 40+ countries. Have lectures at Petra and the Dead Sea with an internationally recognised faculty. Sharpen your speechmaking, debate and diplomatic skills with a renowned coaching staff experienced with training Heads of State and top government officials! The program will run from May 23-30, 2015.


The Preparing Global Leaders Academy (PGLA) is a component school of the Preparing Global Leaders Foundation (PGLF) an educational non-profit dedicated to changing the paradigm of leadership through intensive institutes, seminars and summits worldwide. PGLF is currently composed of three schools: Preparing Global Leaders Summit (PGLS) in Russia, Preparing Global Leaders Institute (PGLI) in Macedonia and Preparing Global Leaders Academy (PGLA) in Jordan. The delegates have hailed from over 100 countries in the world, representing all 6 continents. Our mission is to create a global network of scholar-leaders ready to take on the global challenges through a change of the leadership paradigm, especially in the face of increasing international tensions and politics of mistrust. Recent events have demonstrated the importance of responsible leadership and effective communication, as well as challenges associated with collaborative decision-making.

PGLA is a one week program taking place in Amman, Jordan. Participants will benefit academically and socially as they will work closely with other young leaders from around the world and build everlasting relationships. Delegates will listen to world-class professors, politicians, diplomats, and other distinguished speakers. They will also participate in a number of simulations including parliamentary, speech-making, diplomatic and business competitions. Delegates will also witness the ancient beauty of Jordan including the Baptism site, Petra (named as one of the Seven Wonders of the World), The Dead Sea (the lowest point on earth and home of the world’s largest natural spa), as well as many other of Jordan’s attractions both natural and manmade.

The founder ofPreparing Global Leaders Foundationand the academic director of PGLA isSam Potolicchioa faculty member atGeorgetown UniversityandNew York Universityas well the University of National Economy and Public Administration of the Presidential Administration. Potolicchio was named by the Princeton Review as one of the “Best Professors in America” in 2012, the only one chosen from his field and won the K. Patricia Cross Award from the American Association of Colleges and Universities as one of the future leaders of American higher education in 2011. He is an adviser to governments and top officials all over the globe.

Why Jordan?

Jordan is considered one of the safest countries in the Middle East with a community known for its cultural and intellectual background and acceptance for other cultures, a perfect combination to host an international leadership institute. It is in the heart of the Middle East, but it is also located on the edges of Asia, Africa and Europe. Because its location, Jordan is a bridge between civilizations, between the desert and the sea, between the east and the west.Contact us:[email protected]

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