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About Me

“A successful woman is the one who is pleased with what she does, knows what she wants, believes in her goals, has good self esteem and makes people around happy” said twenty five years old Worldpulsarian, journalist, writer, volunteer, and part time job holder. She loves the job where she could travel, network with people, and share stories to make differences. She also wanted to write the personal stories that peoples’ face in different societies to make strong communities. On the other hand, she is inspired from the project of Rafiki and Mama Africa. She has already started to develop that on a paper. She said “I am always trying something new.” She learned to change things from her personal experiences. She says “villagers will not attend training on weekend because they prefer relaxing.” She believed that change is possible, but “it must come from women, who are mothers, and peace makers”. She admires people who try to make differences for next generation. She says “no matter who they are, and what they do.” She is even ready to appreciate her own enemies. Now as a reporter for World pulse, she says “I was surprised that I got this opportunity, and correspondent job seems quite new to me. World Pulse already opens the doors for too many people, and it’s a big responsibility that requires punctuality and commitment." Interviewed By: Sunita Basnet

Environment, Women Empowerment, Interpreting, Peacebuilding, Women, Youth, Leadership

My Vision

We won't have a society if we destroy the environment.

Happiness for all sentient beings.

Freedom of speech.

Simple choices, in short, can make a substantial difference to the environment.


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