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About Me

I am an ageing retired woman who decided to invest in a best friend's dream of having a women's magazine. I am now the owner and Publisher of I AM WOMAN Print Magazine and I AM TEEN Digital Magazine. We are based in Fiji in the South Pacific.

We write REAL stories about women who have gone through trauma, struggles, successes, wins and through these stories, the readers will be inspired to learn and be motivated to make good choices in their lives.

As an ageing woman, I personally feel that we are fast becoming a marginalized group within our society. Our laws reflect the lack of recognition of the capabilities of ageing citizens by reducing retirement age to 55. Our medical programs do not want to cover ageing citizens over the age of 55 years and the list continues where there is the difficulty of getting loans etc...

I am an ardent supporter of ageing women and even though some of us are getting slower, we have contributed to our economy and society and deserve care.......

My Vision

For all ageing citizens to be recognized for their contribution to their country

For women to be treated as women


Preloved story books for our rural children as their libraries in their schools have been destroyed by hurricanes. Literacy Project.


I was an Accountant by trade and now do financial literacy for women in small business.

Use media for advocacy through story telling


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