Posted March 17, 2020 from Fiji

This morning I woke up and felt a sense of confusion, dread and misgiving.....too many bad things happening around us....too much hate, too much fear, too much anger......as mentioned in my last posting I started a magazine called I AM WOMAN Magazine about two years ago after I retired and yesterday our issue 11 was published and being a small business we had to distribute to our shop outlets......

I had a friend spend the night with me last night and this morning she said "Do you know that women around Fiji look forward to your magazine as they love to read the REAL stories. A lady told me she was inspired by one of your stories and literally went out and started her own business....with the lack of qualifications....with limited financial resources.....she started her selling of vegetables business....and it is doing well now...."

Wow is our magazine that inspirational?.....We have been receiving a lot of compliments lately about the stories and how inspiring they are....made me feel so good......we are doing something right......yes we have been struggling but the "blood, sweat and tears" are finally paying off...

This is our third year where we have published to date 11 issues and from the compliments we are getting, we are beginning to see that more women are approaching us to tell their story.....in the hope that their past experiences will help more women today to be able to cope with trauma, struggles and keep striving.....

Over the two years I have also found that we women can also pull one another down and within these two years I have experienced this with saddness as a few of these women I have made sacrifices for......tend to think of themselves and what they can get from me......they still doing it....but I am STRONG and they always say KARMA can be real cruel when it comes around......I request ardently for all of us women to see the kindness and goodness within one another FIRST before pointing a finger at the badness within us......

World Pulse - you are a platform I can freely share.....I thank you for this space......It is needed.....

I hope we the citizens of the world are able to get through this pandemic and show our humane kindness.....much love to all of you.....


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Anita Shrestha
Mar 17, 2020
Mar 17, 2020

Thank you for sharing

Jill Langhus
Mar 18, 2020
Mar 18, 2020

Hello there,

I'm pleased to hear about your magazines, that they're doing so well, and that you're able to empower so many women and girls. Do you have a link to the digital one(s), so we can see them? I'd love to subscribe to them, and see them. Please keep up the great work. I think more and more women and girls are learning to support one another, and with the help of your publications you're part of this trend.

Hope you and your family are safe and well.

Jeanine A
Mar 19, 2020
Mar 19, 2020

How amazing that you can see the impact of your efforts and that more women are ready to tell you their stories. Thank you for your great work.

Karen QuiƱones-Axalan
Mar 20, 2020
Mar 20, 2020

Hello, Vintage,

I think women are hardwired for stories, esp related stories, our stories. Congratulations on your magazine! I hope you can grow your readers, and yes, please consider a digital one, too!