Posted December 8, 2020 from Fiji

Hello Everyone....I thought this year would never end and we are now in December 2020. Almost all of us have experienced COVID and the social issues that came with it.

Our small magazine sales went down by almost 80% but we are still operating as we have staff that are dependent on the magazine for their livelihood.

Instead of doing print magazines, we have now put our magazine online and we would love for you all to read it if you have a chance. Please click on the link below and have a read and tell us what you think.


If you are able to read the online Magazine Issue 13 and would like to read the previous Issue please let me know.....




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Jill Langhus
Dec 09, 2020
Dec 09, 2020

Hello, Lorraine,

Welcome back. I'm glad to hear that your magazine is still operating and that you're safe and well, dear.

Thanks for sharing the link, and your update.

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Dec 09, 2020
Dec 09, 2020

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Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Dec 16, 2020
Dec 16, 2020

Hello, Loraine,

Im sorry that your magazine's sales was affected by this pandemic. It's a good decision to upload them online since this is the new trend. Thanks for sharing!