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About Me

I have been teaching disadvantaged children for over 10 years and have enjoyed seeing them become confident, happy and proud of who they are and what they can achieve. I have helped them to realise they are valued by society and they have often gone on to help others. I love nothing more than watching a child come out of their shell and teach their peers.

Outside of work I love to travel. I have been lucky to visit many countries across the world and have been inspired by peoples resilience to tackle the difficulties they face. Most recently I travelled to Ghana and I was taken back by the generosity and warmth of the communities I visited.

In my own time I also run for my local club. I enjoy the outdoors and the chance to run free. I like nothing more than the wind in my hair and splashing through muddy puddles exploring new places. This is in my blood. I'm keen to find out what is in yours? Fairness, community, open spaces Persuading other people to be fair and open to peoples differences Well being of children and their families

My Vision

All people treated equally and have the opportunities to choose their pathways