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VITILIGO poses a lot of challenges for dermatologists and for the entire community of vitiligo patients because we do not understand or know as to what derails the immune system. The research however continues and the mystery shall be solved one day but it remains a fact that the mystery has sent a lot of fear in the individuals living with this condition of what tomorrow will be for them......................................................................................................

It still remains a,mystery to me as to how my vitiligo started for i just spotted a red patch my lips. i was 10years of age and very ignorant of what the monster patch would turn to be in the nearly two decades' time.The first experience of having vitiligo patch did not cause any panic to me for i knew very little in life.At about 15years, i had the biggest shock seeing my palm tuning white, vitiligo was spreading rapidly on my two palms leave alone for the over stretched mark on my lips.This is the time i began to experience weird looks from from friends who would go as far as comparing me to a madam teacher who used to apply a very conspicuous red lipstick......"Laban, are you competing miss *Makalanya in applying lipstick?.............."they would mock me as the queue for their meals at the dinning hall.

Things took the worst turn and i had to run to the nearest district hospitals to seek for medication during school holiday, however, i was never helped as i had anticipated. the doctor simple told me i was suffering from an incurable condition of which he didn't even mention the name.I finally settled on traditional medicine-herbal- that yielded no results.I simply reached a point of no return.Life was cruel and i never wanted to face the ridicule of the students as the new term opened..............................

Life took its own course and even with the vitiligo spreading to the rest of my body parts, i could just pray that it doesn't turn me white all over....

Atale from the 14th century (the time when the black plague razed the entire european continent and eliminated a fouth of the population)tell that a traveller walked by night to London. In the midst of the darknesss he met two strangers with whom he started to converse and he soon learned that they were plague and fear. "We are ready to kill 10,000 souls in London over the next few days",stated plague.The traveller replied;"You youself will carry out the slaugter ,will you?""no," replied plague straight away,"I will snatch the lives of one thousand or two thousand and fear will take care of the rest.
Fear of how i would wake up and find out that my vitiligo has spread to most parts of my body.....What if it appears on my face, my chest , my fingers , my neck?Do you also ask yourself the same questions over and over again?Then you could be among the many that fear factor will take care of. So what next...?I strongly believe that with proper understanding of vitiligo to the patients and the lay public we shall have half managed the problem.It is for these reasons that VITILIGO SOCIETY OF KENYA (VISOKE) under guidance of Vitiligo Support and Awareness Campaign (VITSAF)has come at the right time to help deal with the plight of people living with vitiligo and people affected by vitiligo.
helping the weak in the society limited time, limited fund community counselling

My Vision

aleviate suffering among vitiligo patients