Vivian Olang
Posted March 2, 2019
Life fable,s.

To die is to lose life or so they say.

2016 has got me thinking

Night and day

about this state called life

that’s  not here to stay

for as dawn turns to day and day to night

so is life but a lingering sight.


Today we are and tomorrow we are no more.

We walk the walk and we fight the fight

to live in this lingering sight.


But now I see and understand, that death is but another land

Where souls go to stay

After living their life in this lingering day.


When the time comes,we all have to say goodbye and walk through that doorway

Leading us into another life,

Leading us into another day

Into the land from where we came for there we must return to stay.


I have seen souls living in realms that are hidden from physical sight.

I have seen souls dancing in pale moon light.

I have seen souls walking and wondering

I have seen souls living Bright .

For out of their bodies is their true light.

So while we grieve for our supposedly dead,

they live a life free of all dread.

In their truest form , they live and walk and linger and dance and labour and live

In a spiritual place,

For in their world time ceases to exist so they age not for time is at a stand still !…

For while we live a different life,

In a physical state…in a physical light…

While we live in this lingering sight…

We must acknowledge that we are all souls dwelling in physical bodies…

We must all acknowledge that our lives are but stories.

The body can be explained but the spirit and the soul belong from where they came. They belong to the master of all living even in death…

They belong to the master of spirits, The creator of souls for to Him none is dead.


While Souls are eternal…

Our bodies turn to dust.

Physical life is an inferno

Burning us all to dust.


So after thought, iv come to the conclusion

that physical life is indeed the greatest illusion.








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Hello, Vivian,

What a lovely crafted poetry on death being a bridge from one world to another. Thank you for sharing!

Jill Langhus
Mar 03
Mar 03

Hi Vivian,

Thanks for your really introspective and thoughtful poem about life and the afterlife. I love it:-)

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Vivian,
Thank you for sharing. Indeed physical life is the greatest illusion.
Thank you once again and looking forward to hearing more of your stories.
Stay blessed.

Mar 04
Mar 04

This is a beautiful poem about life and death. Thanks for sharing

Beth Lacey
May 06
May 06

A lovely, hopeful poem

Jacqueline Namutaawe

Hi Vivian indeed life..there is an after life after all this. Thank you

Sep 03
Sep 03

Vivian dear,
This is truly soul searching. We must be careful how we hold unto this life because it is like a vapour. Our lives in the hereafter must be prepared for now. Thanks for that beautiful poem.

Harriet Chimdirimebere

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