Introducing myself and my journal: VOLUNTEER IN ZIMBABWE

Posted July 4, 2014 from Zimbabwe

About Me:

Launched in 2009, Volunteer in Zimbabwe Trust is the only Zimbabwean organisation working in Zimbabwe to promote and encourage volunteerism in Zimbabwe by both locals and internationals. The Trust is reaching out especially to fellow Zimbabweans to use their time, influence and resources as volunteers in the communities they live and work in by taking part in simple activities that have a life changing impact on beneficiaries here in Zimbabwe. Simple acts like collecting sanitary pads for use by poor girls or sending a used computer rather than throwing it away can make such a huge difference to school children. The Trust strives to connect volunteers with communities in need of service.

In June 2014 Volunteer in Zimbabwe launched two campaigns that are aimed at benefitting disadvantaged children in communities. The first campaign is the Sanitary Pads Project. Reports in the Zimbabwean local media during the commemoration of world Menstruation day on may 28, 2014, indicate that at least 62 % of girls in Zimbabwe are using very unhygienic materials likes leaves, cow dung and dirty rags during their menstruation. At least 20% of the girls miss school every month during their monthly menstruation period. A sad situation indeed. This Sanitary Pads campaign aims to ensure that the provision of sanitary wear enables these young girls to keep abreast of their male counterparts by attending school every day. The project requires volunteers to purchase these pads or to simply supply a girl child with them on a month to month basis. Our appeal to individuals, groups or organizations is to kindly donate sanitary pads for these young girls and allow them to retain their dignity.

My Passions:providing sanitary pads to poor school girls

My Challenges:not enough people to help me

My Vision for the Future:to see every girl child have adequate sanitary pads

My Areas of Expertise:tourism and hospitality, marketing

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Jul 09, 2014
Jul 09, 2014


you are doing wonderful work and i will be happy to link wit you. you are welcom to read my journal for my passions and interests.