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About Me

I feel very drawn and deeply connected to women and girls, especially those living in underserved communities.

As a young girl who grew up in one of these communities, that were just close enough to economic hubs to be considered urban, but too far to experience government’s presence, I watched my friends being molested. I watched their mothers being beaten while neighbours turned a blind eye, I saw my friends going back to the same house where they had been raped by a family member the previous night. I remember only too well how powerless I felt.

My life’s work is about helping women and girls living in these communities find their strength, their unique voice and enable them amplify and use that voice while facilitating solutions to some of some of their most pertinent problems using locally sourced resources.

Project ASHA provides me with the means to do my life's work.

My Vision

A world where women achieve anything.

Where their self actualization is not limited by anything.


I've just launched my profile on Patreon, a platform that allows creators earn while creating.

Check it out: www.patreon.com/vweta


Proof Reading, helping with project proposals ideas & report writing.

Able to commit 2 hours weekly to support other women changemakers.


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