I am Lost

Wala Lut
Posted November 9, 2020 from Yemen


I am Lost In this little boat and  there is a drift

Shall someone guide this little boat to my town ?.

The night is coming down

I hear the music of the whole town

I pray silently to reach my destination because I feel lost

I want someone to hear about my story and journey

I still wait till the morning touches the moutain

I see the rainbow 

I can not tell you my God or express my feeling ,but you feel it.

I am lost.





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Nini Mappo
Nov 10
Nov 10

Look behind you little boat, for help is always within reach, and we only have to look the right direction. When none is to be found there are the constellations to guide our way out of the deep blue sea. So wait for the night, and look for the stars. They will lead you home.

Wala Lut
Nov 10
Nov 10

Hi Nini,
Thank you very much for ur Comment.
Ilove it.
I just poem ,feeling, and my imagination.

Much love.

Wow, lovely imagery. Life's challenges can really feel like we are lost in a little boat. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Wala Lut
Nov 20
Nov 20

Hi Karen,
Happy Friday.
Thank u very much.
U encourage me.

You're welcome, dear sister. :D

Shirin Dalaki
Nov 23
Nov 23

Thank for sharing this lovely poem with us dear Wala.

Wala Lut
Nov 24
Nov 24

Hello Dear Shirin,

Have a great day.