Teriyan Mohabattan - A Punjabi Song by Wasim Kalas, Brother's Love,

Wasim Ahmed Kalas
Posted August 20, 2018 from India
Your Love by Wasim Kalas

"Teriyan Mohabattan" A Punjabi Song by Wasim Kalas is based on a love story. This song is Written by Wasim Kalas himself , Sung by: Surinder Punia, Produiced by: Wasim Kalas, Featured by: Wasim Kalas | Shahid Kalas | Urvashi Sharma | Priya Chouhan | Sourav Mehta | Randhir Mehta | Jatin Vashisht | Sukhman Rathore | Sukhwinder Rathore | Riaz Kalas , Music Director: Anirwan, Music Composer: Shubro Bhattacharya, Video Director: Bhinder Taj, Choreographer: Vishal, Mixing: Pankaj Kumar, Released by: Lane Two Music - K.P.Singh, Supported by: Ajay Partap Singh Bagga, Jatinder Singh Chouhan, Shaminder Singh Randhawa, Mustafa Tariq, Vikarant Gupta, Sukhi Khanghura, 


This song is sung in Punjabi (Indian) Language with folk music. The complete idea by Kalas Brothers had done in two days. This was hard core dedications of Wasim Kalas and others to complete the project in two days only with all re-easels, ideas, script. 


This song is a message to all those youngsters who felt in love and after breakup they feel uncontrolled. How to get out of your stress and feel free. Your family is always in support of you. We shown brothers love in video, that how a brother helps a brother in such conditions. Brother's fight is always there, but brother is real hero and your right arm who stands with you by heart. Don't cry when your Girlfriend/Boyfriend leave you - think that he/she don't deserves you that's why he/she quits. Carry on your life , focus on your career goals, let that shadow. 

Never follow your shadow, you will never catch him because when ever you will move toward shadow you will getting away from light and shadow will be getting away from you. Try to move toward the light , shadow will automatically follows you.

Don't confuse if you gets fail in your first attempt, Even a successful maths also starts with zero. 


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Tarke Edith
Aug 20, 2018
Aug 20, 2018

Hi Wasim
Thank you for sharing this love song which is so touching and you have lengthen us not to follow the shadow

Hellen Kimanzi
Aug 20, 2018
Aug 20, 2018

Hi Wasim
Thank you for sharing such a powerful message through your song. More often do we young people loose our focus in life just because a relationship has failed. We feel so used and useless to a point of cursing ourselves and even suicidal thoughts start creeping up in our minds. This song gives us a new look of how breakups should build us rather than destroy us. Alot of lessons in it.

Stay blessed

Jill Langhus
Aug 21, 2018
Aug 21, 2018

Hi Wasim,

Thanks for sharing your lovely song and message.

Beth Lacey
Jan 08, 2019
Jan 08, 2019

Thanks for sharing.