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About Me

Dawniel Patterson Winningham is an international wealth building expert and former VP of JpMorgan Chase.

She is a certified Master Life and Business coach who helps her clients increase their passion to pay by first knowing their truth worth.

She has been featured in over 50 magazines (including 3 covers) internationally and author/co-author of over seven books, many of which were best sellers.

She is a powerful International Speaker known for making immediate changes with audiences everywhere.

Her philathrophy and love of the community has led to her being awarded with multiple awards including Life and Business coach of the year multiple years and 3 Presidential Awards for Community Service (Bush 2005 and Obama 2012, 2013).

Her specialty is helping women to be paid what they deserve doing what they loveby helping them shift into an abundance mindset!

Learn more at www.iamdawnielwinnignham.com or text wealthspeaker 55469 for enrollment information. Follow her on twitter @wealthspeaker

My Vision

My vision for the future is that we (as women) start to partner more closely together to gain our fair share of the abundance that exists in the world. It makes no sense that while women do 3/4 of the worlds work and grow 75% of the worlds food that we have only 10% of the worlds wealth and 1% of the worlds land. WOMEN are the face of poverty and it is MY vision that we work to eradicate or highly reduce that current result.


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