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Posted February 4, 2015 from United Arab Emirates
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WEBB Business Center
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WEBB Middle East supports women as future leaders


As renowned lateral thinkers and multitaskers—women make the best entrepreneurs—a fact well known and generally accepted though not promoted in male-dominated societies. Consequently, building on this important understanding, is the needto build bridges of human understanding for woman of all cultures and faiths in order to break cultural barriers, stereotypes and prejudices to create a culture of knowledge, dialogue, empowerment, respect and peace,

The concept of WEBB (Women Engaging in Bridge Building) emerged in Milan Italy, in 2001 and is credited to Mrs Louise Kissane, Dr Riffat Hassan a Pakistani-American theologian-Professor at the University of Louisville, Nancy Fina and several European businesswomen. This women’s group’s ground-breaking efforts were built upon in Canada some two-years later when Ms Nazreen Ali Established WEBB Canada as a leading women-led NGO organisation and dedicated to providing opportunities for the exchange, support and sharing of information between people from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

WEBB as an global entity was, in 2010, when Mrs Rim Siam became the WEBB Middle East representative. In2012, Rim established WEBB International Middle East in order to create the very first online platform to connect female entrepreneurs across all sectors through the building of business bridges.To this end, Rim said; ‘WEBB Middle East does not merely have an online presence; it also will soon have an offline presence in various international countries. Though its power will first be gained from its website and associated online community’. Consequently, WEBB International Middle East’s mission is that WEBB will soon have representative offices in a number of different countries to serve in building professional and commercial bridges for women. Building Online Women’s Enterprises:www.webb-middleeast.com

Rim’s business model is to promote the internet-based brand WEBB Megastore as a women’s enterprise spanning various sectors including trading, fashion, tourism, media, real estate, home décor, agriculture etc in the expectation that the WEBB Megastore will be recognised as a leader in the promotion, marketing and sale of its products through its online retail marketplace. Creating an online services “WEBB Business Center”:www.webb-middleeast.org

This will, for the first time, offer the services of online translators who can help in translating business and medical written communications to overcome language barriers between women of various cultural backgrounds. Rim’s next plan will be to transform the online WEBB Megastore into mortar and bricks like such famous up-market brand name stores as Gallery Lafayette in France, Harrods in England, and Macy’s in the United States.

Women’s international empowerment also will come through providing online education sessions through WEBB International Middle East in association with the hotmommasproject.org from the George Washington School of Business, which will provide online Business Educational sessions to fill educational gaps and increase self-confidence in teenage girls and women globallyhttp://vimeo.com/65011553

Withthe aim of providing suitable education of women and female youth through training sessions so they may become future leaders and successful entrepreneurs, WEBB Middle East in association with UNIDO-ITPO Bahrain, recently announced the following initiatives;Empowering 20000 Women & Youth by 2020 through 200 leaders in Arab andAfrican Countries and Entrepreneurship Training of Trainers (TOT) for New Enterprise Creation in order to provide employment and income generating opportunities for all women. Therefore, WEBB International Middle East is seeking the cooperation and financial support of companies and organisations in promotingits goal ofBuilding Business and Bridging Culture to cement its vision to increase all women and female youth’s capacity to ‘understand, appreciate and value their differences as well as their similarities’.

Rim addedthataspiring female entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to break into business online there are franchise opportunities or they can useWEBBMiddle East’s online business services.‘We are going beyond what we need to do for our own success, by using the internet as a springboard to women’s economic participation and learnhow to bring success to other young female entrepreneurs and future leaders…



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Yvette Warren
Feb 10, 2015
Feb 10, 2015

Bridge building for entrepreneurs is such important work, especially in marketing and money exchange. I look forward to learning more about your organization's efforts.

You may consider posting on the WP resource page.

WEBB Middle East
Feb 10, 2015
Feb 10, 2015

Thank you Yvette for your nice comment. I'll update you.