Posted June 9, 2015

Hello all, My name is Wellington, am a facilitator for the Intel Easy Steps program and am cool with She will Connect. Hoping to collaborate, read about your stories and share great ideas that will make us as individuals and groups stronger and better.

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Sarvina Kang
Jun 09, 2015
Jun 09, 2015

Welcome to Pulsewire!

I’m so glad and excited to see you in our community! Thanks so much for joining us, you are always free to post to your journal and add comments to others posts too, this is where we can freely contribute for the betterment of women and children all over that world. Please feel free to browse through our group section and post to the groups you decided to join.....On worldpulse everything is free...just be yourself.

Welcome again to our PulseWire Community and I look forward to seeing you more in here!

Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015

Dear  Wellintino,

 You are  welcome to this commounty,this is a community of people coming together to make a change in their different communities and environment.

Also a community where personal challenges,joy and  pains are being shared.Feel free to post on your journal, group and also comment on other people post.

once again! you are welcome.

Big Hug


Jun 13, 2015
Jun 13, 2015

Hello Wellington,

I heartily welcome you to our closely knitted, empowering, fast growing and vibrant online community where everyone’s vision(s), aspiration(s) and voices count.  To get more acquainted with happenings in the community, I recommend that you read the  "Frequently Asked Questions-" page.

In the event that you would like to inspire, draw inspiration and or connect with other experienced and or emerging leaders from around the world, you are welcome to join the leadership group. Please see this link- The economic empowerment group ( is equally resourceful. The choice is all yours!!!!

While I look forward to learning more about you, your work and local community through your writings and active participation, please feel free to connect with other community members.  Together we can walk our talk and talk our walk in ways that will make the world a better place for everyone.

Warm regards, Olanike.